Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MAC Lipstick ... A Review

*This post was originally going to be on a new blog ... but I have since changed my mind... I can't keep up with one blog, so there's no sense in making another one... hence the watermark on some of the pics.

I have been a loyal MAC customer for a long time... going on almost 15 years now.  Specifically, I have been loyal to their lipsticks, until recently, I rarely wore any other brand.  I had a handful of different kinds rolling around in my lipstick drawer, but I rarely if ever actually wore them. I am super picky about the smell of my lipstick, and the feel of it.  I am not a fan of high gloss or slick feeling lipstick.  Nor do I care for lipstick that feels sticky or tacky.

MAC has been the only lipstick I can tolerate, or rather, the only lipstick I THOUGHT I could tolerate for a long time.   I've recently tried some other drugstore brands and have been very pleasantly surprised at how wearable and non smelly they are... I'll be doing another post on those in the future.

But even though I'm exploring different brands, my heart will always belong to MAC.  As you can see, I've been a pretty good customer:

I have to admit though, I didn't realize I had so many until I started lining them up! 
My Favorite things about MAC Lipstick:

* They last.  Often times I only use one or two coats, and only reapply maybe once in a day.
* The pigmentation is amazing, and on the occasion when a shade is too dark, they blend with other colors very well.
*  MAC has a program called Back To MAC where if you bring in six empty lipstick tubes, you get a free lipstick.  At $15 a pop, these are not cheap, so it's nice to get a free one after a while.  I've taken advantage of this program twice now.
*  MAC has an excellent return policy... they want you satisfied!  I've taken in tubes before and just didn't like the shade enough and they've exchanged it for another color with no problem.  Love that.
*  The smell.  I am not a big fan of the scents in most cosmetics, but the MAC lipsticks have a very subtle scent that isn't overpowering and I don't smell it after the initial application.  LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Ok, now for the fun part, the shades!  I own 15 of these, but that's a drop in the bucket.  They have a ton of shades available in several different finishes.  I tend to prefer the Satin (matte) finish, but I do own some of the other finishes as well.

First up, is my signature color, my most favorite shade and the one I wear most often (and it was one of the first two lipsticks I ever purchased from MAC):

Twig is a satin finish, and is described on the MAC website as being a soft muted brownish pink shade.

My other signature color and the other of the first two lipsticks I ever purchased from MAC:
Spirit is also a satin finish and is described as being a muted pinky-beige brown.  I find it to be a lot more brown than pink personally.

Another favorite shade I reach for all the time is:

Brave is a very wearable pink shade.  It's described as pink-beige with white pearl.  I have gotten many a friend hooked on this particular shade, it seems to look good on most people.

Faux is another shade I wear a lot.  It's more of a pale pink, sometimes I'll use a darker pink lipliner and fade it down into the lipstick.  It is a lovely shade and I've also mixed it with darker shades as well.  It's described as being a muted mauve pink.  I find it to be a pale pink more than a mauve.

Odyssey is another favorite of the moment.  It's not a satin finish-though I so wish it was.  It's a frost finish, and feels thinner than the satin finishes and slick like a gloss.  I frequently will apply it, pat powder over it and then apply again to give it a more substantial feel.  It's a frosty purple, ,and I bought it on a mission to try new colors and break out of my pinky brown box.  It's described on the website as being a spiked up plum.

Del Rio
Del Rio is a darker brown than I normally wear.  I bought it when I purchased Odyssey, I wanted something different... something that wasn't a pink beige brown.  It's quite dark, and I often lighten it with a touch of Faux or other lighter lipstick to make it a little less harsh.  I do like the shade overall though.  It's described as being a muted plum brown.  I don't agree... I think the undertones are more of a mahogany than a plum brown.

My all time favorite nude shade would have to be Blankety.  It is a creamy flesh toned color and I often will wear this by itself if I've done a really dramatic smokey eye, or if I am going for a more natural look.  It's described as being a soft pink beige, but I think it's more of a beige... not really a pink.  The finish is amplified creme... it is not a matte like the satin finish, but feels more substantial than the frost finish.

Birds of a Feather
I love the Birds of a Feather shade.  LOVE IT.  It's also an amplified creme, but for some reason feels a bit glossier than the blankety does.  Apparently it's discontinued because I cannot find the shade on the MAC website at all.  It's a mauve pink and is very wearable and a nice pop of color.

Cosmo is also amplified creme and is a more pink than brown shade.  It's described as being pink coco on the website.  I hardly ever wear this one... I'm not sure why.

Feelright is an amplified finish... and it appears that they don't make it anymore. It is a very pale pink... I actually hardly ever wear it and use it more for lightening darker shades.

Fast Play
Fast Play is an amplified creme finish... it's described on the website as being a neutral pink.  I think a better description is that it's a more glossy version of Twig.  I love this color, but I rarely wear it... I think because of the finish.  I am going to make a point to wear it more often because I do really like the color.  I need to get over my issues with the slick feeling lipsticks!

I bought this last year as an homage to my Grandma as well as I figured "I'm 35 and if I want to wear red lipstick, I should!"  The truth though is that it's a bit too yellow for my skin tone.  It's a pretty shade but I don't think it comes off well on me.  I'm probably going to return it for a more wearable shade since I've found a drugstore red lipstick that not only looks better on me, but was cheaper anyway.  It's described on the website as being a vivid bright bluish-red.  I disagree... it's vivid, ,but I think it's too pinky red not bluish red. It's a satin finish.

Syrup is a lustre finish.  Very slick feeling.  I hardly if ever wear this shade... I find the finish to be thin and too slick for my liking and the color for me is not that great.  It's described as being a cloudy pink... it's a pretty shade, but I can't pull it off very well.  I often mix it with other shades.

Jubilee is also a lustre finish. It's described as being a naked beigy pink... I think it's more of an orangy beige than a pinky beige.  It's also very thin feeling and too glossy.  I hardly ever wear it, and never do I wear it alone, I usually wear it with a satin finish.

Midimauve is also a lustre... I do so love this shade though.  It's described as a Rosy Mauve with Pearl but I totally disagree.  I find it to be more of a taupy beige.  I don't like the finish, but I do wear it from time to time.

That's it! That's all I have for today... though 15 shades is kind of a lot... I am reminded by a few (Fast Play and Birds of a Feather) why I liked them in the first place, so I'll try and wear them more often.

Do you like MAC lipstick?  What's your favorite shade?

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I turned 36 last week.  I think that 36 can suck a fat one.  Let's just get that out of the way.  I know I'm not 'old'... but fuck all... I am not digging the number 36. 

The day started out just fabulously by me weighing myself (against my better judgment) and seeing that all the weight I lost before Christmas (about 15lbs) had come back.  I kind of thought so... but seeing it on the scale was a not really what I was hoping for.  Time yet again to do something... *sigh* so sick of this battle.

Then I went in to wake up the boys... it was spring break and I had to get them up at 5:35 all week so I could take them to my friend Jennifer's house.  She lives about 30 minutes away... yes, it's a pain to drive all the way over there, but it's cheaper in the long run, and I know they're being cared for by someone who loves them... that makes it worth it.

Anyway, I flipped Nolan's light on and in his sleepy voice he says "Good Morning Momma, Happy Birthday, you're 36 today!"  He didn't even have his eyes open yet.  <3 a="" and="" boy.="" gave="" got="" he="" hug.="" me="" my="" nbsp="" p="" pie.="" sweet="" sweetie="" then="" up="" what="">
We all got out the door and on the road and I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, but where we moved... it's kind of in the sticks.  Like... we live in a suburban neighborhood area of the woods/country.  Neighbors across the street have all sorts of farm animals, two doors down there's an alpaca farm.  Anyway, back to the point of the story... it's crazy dark... no streetlights on long sections of the road to get to the freeway.  We're driving along ... it's my damn birthday and what happens?  I see some kind of beaver sized animal come out of nowhere and I hit it.

I have never hit an animal with my car before.  I was horrified, I was appalled... I totally shrieked, and when the boys asked what happened, I said "I think I hit an animal!" before I could stop myself.  Seth kept repeating "is it dead? is it dead? Momma, is it dead?" and at the same time Nolan's going "what kind of animal was it?"  I thought it looked like a beaver.  We don't have a river near us though... so I don't think it would've been a beaver.  It was dark brown when the headlights hit it... I assume it was a possum or a raccoon... it was low to the ground and fat.  And slow. Because of how it sounded (as though somebody hit the hood with a two by four) Nolan has determined that he thinks it was a turtle.  lol.

Anway, the rest of my day was ok... my lovely coworkers made me feel very loved and special and on your birthday, what more can you ask for?  I had to go to the dentist that afternoon... kind of funny, but I've been in so much stinkin' pain for the past week I didn't even care that the only day they could see me was my birthday.  They ended up referring me to a specialist for a root canal - I get to go in first thing tomorrow morning for it. 

Aaron made me nachos for dinner and a carrot cake for dessert.  Nolan was beyond excited to have a piece of cake and obsessed about it, not wanting to eat his dinner ... he finally got a piece and mid chew turned to me and said "what is in this cake?!  Are there RAISINS in this cake?!"  When I confirmed that yes, carrot cake often has raisins he burst into tears.  He was completely distraught and because we are mean, we thought it was hilarious.  Aaron led them through singing Happy Birthday while Nolan sobbed.  Heh.  He let him have extra ice cream though, so that helped. 

Anyway, long story short, it was a mixed bag, this last birthday.  I was able to pool together my birthday funds as well as sell my Kindle Fire and get myself an ipad mini.  I.LOVE.IT.  Seriously.  LOVE IT.  I love it even more since I got an adorable pink quilted cover for it.  Best birthday present ever. 
Beautiful Flowers from my attorney Sarah.

Since I got home early from my dental appt, I had time to kill before dinner.  I sat in our new recliner (OMG LOVE THAT CHAIR) and surfed on my ipad with my pal Maisie while watching Blades of Glory.

I had *just* asked Nolan not to pick any of the flowers off the one flowering shrub we have out back... I suspect we have many flowers getting ready to blossom, but this one plant is the only one who has blossomed thus far.  Fast forward 10 minutes and Sethy brings me a big handful of them 'for your berfday!'... ah well, he was so proud of himself, how could I be upset?

Aaron's beautiful carrot cake.

Carrote Cake - Raisin gate. 


"I finished my cake can I have another piece?" ... he only eats the icing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Settling in

We moved into our new house on February 9th.  I think we are finally settled in.  I still have one box full of miscellaneous items to go through, but it's not too bad.  We are picking up a desk for Nolan on Saturday, but that should be the last of any furniture we need... other than patio furniture. 

I worried before we moved in that I would have a hard time adjusting and would be uncomfortable since I've only lived in apartments/condos for my entire life.  I thought I would be uncomfortable without people living so close to us, but it's been fine.  Seamless really. 

The boys are in their own rooms, LOVING THAT.  On Sunday, when I had an absolute hideous meltdown of epic proportions (due mostly to a disastrous shopping trip with the heathens and an even funner car ride home), they were banished to their rooms with the doors closed until further notice.  It was heaven.  I put the groceries away in BLISSFUL SILENCE.  Except for the few times that Sethy came and asked if he could come out and I barked at him to get back in his room it was very peaceful. 

We have a huge backyard and a pretty big front yard... we only moved 5 miles away (literally, 5 miles down the same street), it's a much more rural area.  Lots of trees and greenery.  We have a big garden patch in the back, a fire pit, a big shed and a play area for the boys.  They have played more outside in the last two weeks than they probably have in the last two months.

Aaron has a garage and I don't think I've ever seen him so content and busy!  He's tinkering out there all the time.  I love it.  The only downsides so far is that the kitchen is pretty small (but oddly it's not a big deal, we've adapted), the house is on a well... and it smells like sulfur when the warm water is running.  Though it does dissipate quickly and doesn't really smell after the water is turned off.  We are also on septic, so I am PARANOID that we are going to have a back up. Oh and of course, my irrational fear of spiders has me a bit jumpy... I'm sure I'll need to take a few xanax come September when they really come out.  ::ugh::

Here are a few photos of the place since we moved in... most of the rooms weren't done yet, but you get the general idea.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update of sorts

Today was Nolan's first basketball game.  Ever.  He's had a whopping 2 practices under his belt, and to say he felt unprepared is the understatement of the year.

"Mom, I don't even know what a rebound is, how am I going to play a game when I don't know what a rebound is?"

"Aw man, why do they make kids play basketball games when they don't know how to play?"

"Saturday is going to be awesome 'cause it's the weekend!  But it's also gonna suck because I have basketball."

I kept talking it up, reassuring him that all anyone wanted was for the kids to try their best, and to just listen to his coach and watch the other kids, he would figure it out.

We got there, he played and he got right in there and did the best job he could.  For him that was running with all his might up and down the court, trying to get the ball away from the other kids and the one time someone passed it to him, it was a damn miracle that no-one took the ball from him.  He stood there with all these other 7 year olds crowding around and he bent over with his tush out and just dribbled the ball at a slow pace... it was heart wrenching to watch in one way and in another way I was SO PROUD because you know what, it takes guts to get out there and try new things, and if he had his way he wouldn't do it... but his mom is crazy and signs him up.  And for now he goes along with it.

After the first practice, I called my sister and told her how I was so proud of him... he was so nervous and went in there and I could see how uncomfortable he was... he didn't know anyone, he didn't know how to play and he went in there and he participated and he got through it.  She said it was good life experience, and that I shouldn't feel bad about insisting that he try new things, and I'm glad she framed it that way... I do want my boys to be able to walk into new situations whether as children, teens or adults and be able to handle themselves and be successful... if this kind of stuff helps pave the way for that, then good!  But man, watching it unfold makes my heart hurt in the best way.