Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zpack - falalala

I went to the dr. yesterday due to one heck of a persistent cough. No other real symptoms, but the cough had been going on for about 3 weeks and had started to get better, then was definitely getting worse. It was giving me headaches and my lungs started sounding a bit crackly and wheezy.

She didn't like the sound of my lungs, well, the upper right quadrant of my lungs to be specific and gave me a zpack, an inhaler and strict instructions to come back if I am not feeling better by Saturday. I feel better already, hallelujah and though I cough sometimes, it's not sounding as bad as it was yesterday.

So yay! Ever since my 10 day sabbatical to Highline Hospital almost two years ago... Lung stuff freaks me out a bit.

Work Christmas party is next week and I'm kind of bummed that we aren't going. I didn't go last year and regretted it, and this year we just have too much going on. Plus, I can't eat or drink anything there anyway, so it seems stupid to spend $26 bucks for us to go. Also, it's the boys' last swim lesson of the year and I don't get the $$ back if they miss the lesson and it seems stupid to waste that $20. We are having a meeting/in office party the next day, so that will suffice.

I officially finished shopping for Aaron today. Have his stocking stuff to get, and a couple secret Santa gifts for someone at work and ill be completely done. Christmas cards were ordered today and will be picked up tonight... I'd like to have those out the door by the end of the weekend. Things are moving right along. 12 more days till Christmas!

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