Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Just a quick one tonight, it's been a long day and mama is TAHRED. 

We had swim class tonight, Sethy was extremely apprehensive about going, he has anxiety about front floats and putting his face in the water.  I gave him a peptalk and then bribed him with the promise of buying a snack out of the vending machine when class was over.  It worked, no tears and he was actually excited during class.  They had a new teacher for the month of December and that may have helped as well.

Nolan was scheduled to have 2 teeth pulled yesterday morning... baby teeth.  This is something that Aaron and I don't have any personal experience with, so we were on the fence at first... then after talking to some other people who have had this done with their kids I felt a bit more comfortable.  I made the appointment, took the morning off and apparently in the 2 months since we've seen the dentist, his jaw has grown enough to where we have more options ... in fact they recommended not doing any extractions and have him come in in a year and do braces early, for just his front teeth.  I was glad for him not to have to go through all of that, but it would have been nice to have them have the ortho look at his records and examine him last time we were there... so I didn't have to take the morning off.

But it's all good.

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