Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ode to my phone.

I don't have many prized possessions... but one of my most prized possessions is my phone.  I have an iphone 5... and let me just say, that every iphone I've had (I've had the 3g and the 4 as well) I've considered them all my life.

I don't just use them for phone calls... my phone is my ipod, my datebook, my kindle, keeper of all sorts of information (period tracker, notes, rewards cards info etc), my camera, my photo album, and my entertainment... I watch netflix and hbo on it, and have all my podcasts on it... it really is so much more than a phone to me.

I took a few screenshots of my phone to share with you the way I've organized it and what apps I love.  I enjoy seeing how people organize their phones and what apps they love.

This is my first page of apps ... my home screen if you will.  I tend to keep everything I use the most on this screen.

This folder has my favorite photo apps... the nightcap app is pretty amazing, it truly does take a better pic with limited light.

The apps I use to watch videos (need to add You Tube to that Folder!)

Music and Podcasts
Stuff I use all the time

Page 2...
Photo Apps on Page 3

the Last page... stuff I rarely use.

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