Saturday, December 08, 2012


Yeah, I am totally failing at this Holidailies bizness.  Newsflash, this is being written on Monday for Saturday! But I'm totally going to backdate it.

Spent all morning on Saturday cleaning/organizing/throwing crap away from the boys' room.  When I was done I was left a several items that I put on top of their shelf so that I can organize it later... never got back to it over the weekend and I'm willing to bet that little fingers have already undone some of my handiwork.

We had family pictures taken by my seester on Saturday.  I was having an exceptional hair day I'll have you know.  Even though I hate the hair color and noticed gray hairs while I was doing my hair.  I'll get around to getting it colored... here's a fun fact.  I love girly things, I love being girly... but I flippin HATE having my hair done and getting my nails done.  Love the end result, loathe, detest and despise the process.

I am the anti-spa girl. I think massages are torture ... it feels nice, but the whole being rubbed down by a stranger thing... no likey.  I feel like I have to make conversation, and how relaxing is THAT?

My niece Natalie and I on Saturday <3 td="td">

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