Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am not sure how we got here.  Here being the night before Sethy starts kindergarten.  For reals, it blows my mind.  It seems like yesterday he was just my little round, bald headed baby. He turns six in a few weeks, so he'll be one of the older ones in his class.  But he still seems so little to me. So little.

My little muffin man. <3  No name yet, I was leaning heavily toward naming him Julian for the first few days.

I kept asking him "what's your name?"
 One of my all time favorite pics of him.
This is his coming home from the hospital outfit.
 Happy Chap.

 Still doesn't like peas.  Or any veggies really.

 Not a big fan of touching grass... gee, wonder where he got that from?
 Stuck and not amused.

 Christmas 2007... he was SO excited to be running around and all the attention.
 It's a wonder we never had to get him a helmet.  Bruiser much?
 Who likes the kitchen?

2nd birthday.  I told him to give me a big boy smile. :)

Age 3

Age 4 and completely blown away by the police motorcycle drill team