Monday, April 02, 2012

I hate Debbie Gibson.

Aaron and I are watching last night's apprentice... and can I just say, I hate Debbie Gibson. And Diana whats her name Miss Universe whatever. Debbie Gibson talks like she's got gauze in her mouth, it's weird. I am LOVING Lisa Lampanelli... Mostly because we are kindred spirits in that we both hate Diana. And homegirl calls it like it is. I also love Aubrey... well mostly I love her hair. Aaron and I are both surprised at how much we like Clay Aiken. I always considered him to be weak and a wuss, but he totally isn't. Anyway, this is one of the few shows we actually watch together. I wish it wasn't 2 damn hours long... who has 2 hours (or in the case of last night's show 3 hours) to sit and watch a show? We made it to the gym today. I would say this is cause for a cookie, but you know... sort of negates the whole purpose. I did a whole hour on the treadmill... burned about 930 calories (according to my polar fitness monitor). Not too shabby. We are signed up to do a half marathon on June 25th. Half Marathon. June 25th. Half.Marathon. June.twenty.fifth. that's 13 miles. I was the one who insisted we sign up, thinking it'll be no sweat, shoot... we can walk that if need be! Well hell yeah we can walk that, because I don't know wtf I was thinking that we would run it. I can't even run a mile yet! Aaron and I are committed to finishing it... bottom line. According to the website, we need to finish in 4 hours... if we start lagging and they don't think we'll finish in time, they'll come around and pick us up in a van. I would like for that NOT to happen. So, because of the half marathon (did I mention it's 13 miles?!) and also because I've been impressed by Jane, I started up with couch to 5k today. I walked for about a half hour first, watching How I Met Your Mother, then switched over to the Couch to 5k with my workout music. I will be repeating day one tommorrow... and every other day until I complete all of the runs in it. There are 9. Today I managed 5. Ugh. BUT! I feel really good tonight, and it reminds me why working out is good for me. So I'll continue. Untitled
For Palm Sunday at church, there was a Palm Parade... all of the kids paraded in with palm fronds, and Pablo the donkey made an appearance for a skit the older kids helped put on.
Well hellllo ladeeeez. Hank thinks he has game.

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