Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today was the boys' annual dental check up.  No cavities - yay! It was also the first time that Sethy has been able to tolerate the x-rays for his back teeth.  Last time he cried and couldn't do it, and before that he wouldn't even try.  So that was very good, and both boys are to keep up with their good brushing habits... ie; mom and dad's good brushing habits.  Aaron and I still brush their teeth for them in the evenings, and most mornings... though Nolan brushes his own teeth in the A.M. during the week.

At what age will that stop?  I just don't trust them to do a good job honestly, and I've got shitty teeth... due mostly to genetics, but I want them to have good habits from the get go.

Nolan will have to go back at the end of May to have sealants put on his teeth and to see if the outer middle teeth on the bottom (on the opposite sides of the middle teeth) have caused any problems... as of now they are fine, but the permanent teeth are coming up and it looks as though there could be problems.  I really hope not, he is already fearful of the dentist, and this afternoon was teary and impatient during the end of the appointment.  I'm going to talk it up like it's a good/fun thing, and I likely won't accompany him to the back when they do it to see if he does better that way.

Anyhoo.  I'm so proud of them, they did great!


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