Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ode to my phone.

I don't have many prized possessions... but one of my most prized possessions is my phone.  I have an iphone 5... and let me just say, that every iphone I've had (I've had the 3g and the 4 as well) I've considered them all my life.

I don't just use them for phone calls... my phone is my ipod, my datebook, my kindle, keeper of all sorts of information (period tracker, notes, rewards cards info etc), my camera, my photo album, and my entertainment... I watch netflix and hbo on it, and have all my podcasts on it... it really is so much more than a phone to me.

I took a few screenshots of my phone to share with you the way I've organized it and what apps I love.  I enjoy seeing how people organize their phones and what apps they love.

This is my first page of apps ... my home screen if you will.  I tend to keep everything I use the most on this screen.

This folder has my favorite photo apps... the nightcap app is pretty amazing, it truly does take a better pic with limited light.

The apps I use to watch videos (need to add You Tube to that Folder!)

Music and Podcasts
Stuff I use all the time

Page 2...
Photo Apps on Page 3

the Last page... stuff I rarely use.

Monday, December 17, 2012


I was walking downtown the other day and saw this and fell in love... so pretty!

Swim Lessons
It is damn cold in this place.  It's always cold... except in the dead of summer when we feel like we live in Satan's armpit.  Then it's cold in the fall... but we don't necessarily notice how MOTHERFUCKING FRIGID it is in this house until the temp drops to right around freezing.

We live in a 980sq ft condo.  Our heating bill for this last month is $178 dollars.  For one month.  ONE.MONTH.  Ridonkulous.

Sitting here in my big ass bathrobe and slippers my fingers and toes are so cold they hurt.  And the thermostat is set at 74. And my nose is cold. The heating system works fine, but this place is drafty as hell and that's where the problem is.

Anyway, that's all I have.  That and I was going to share our standard recipe for rice in this house.   We eat a lot of rice as a side in our family, but we aren't big fans of plain rice.  I usually cook 3 cups water, and 1.5 cups of rice with 2 cubes of chicken bullion and 1/2 Tblspn of Johnny's Seasoning Salt. Lately I've been trying to cook less rice because we never finish it, and I've just been adjust the Johnny's down because the bullion is fine.  Too much Johnny's will ruin it quicker than you can believe.

Anyway, that's all I have.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

1 year

It was one year ago tonight that my aunt was killed in a car accident. It's hard to believe its been a whole year. Definitely hard to accept. I can still hear my mom screaming on the other end of the phone... I had to quit the church choir as I was unable to sing without crying.

It still catches me and I'll be overcome with just never goes away. And on top of that, watching a parent grieve hurts in a whole different way. The whole thing just really really sucks.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zpack - falalala

I went to the dr. yesterday due to one heck of a persistent cough. No other real symptoms, but the cough had been going on for about 3 weeks and had started to get better, then was definitely getting worse. It was giving me headaches and my lungs started sounding a bit crackly and wheezy.

She didn't like the sound of my lungs, well, the upper right quadrant of my lungs to be specific and gave me a zpack, an inhaler and strict instructions to come back if I am not feeling better by Saturday. I feel better already, hallelujah and though I cough sometimes, it's not sounding as bad as it was yesterday.

So yay! Ever since my 10 day sabbatical to Highline Hospital almost two years ago... Lung stuff freaks me out a bit.

Work Christmas party is next week and I'm kind of bummed that we aren't going. I didn't go last year and regretted it, and this year we just have too much going on. Plus, I can't eat or drink anything there anyway, so it seems stupid to spend $26 bucks for us to go. Also, it's the boys' last swim lesson of the year and I don't get the $$ back if they miss the lesson and it seems stupid to waste that $20. We are having a meeting/in office party the next day, so that will suffice.

I officially finished shopping for Aaron today. Have his stocking stuff to get, and a couple secret Santa gifts for someone at work and ill be completely done. Christmas cards were ordered today and will be picked up tonight... I'd like to have those out the door by the end of the weekend. Things are moving right along. 12 more days till Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I don't know what my problem is, but the last few nights I have slept very deeply and must've been clenching every muscle in my upper back, neck and shoulders.  I took a muscle relaxer this evening, hoping that helps.

I talked to Nolan's teacher this morning, she reassured me that she never intended for Nolan to feel singled out, and that she would not do anything like that again.  She reiterated that she is just trying to find the right way to deal with him.  It was a good dialogue, she was very receptive to my thoughts and advice.

He had a super awesome day today, so that's good.  I am hopeful we are turning a corner.

Scarf. Latest project.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hack. Hack. Hack.

Nolan and I seem unable to kick this cough.  His is a bit worse... no real symptoms other than a lingering nasty cough.  I was getting over it, but today it seems like it's ramped up again.  ugh.

Nolan had a rough evening when I got home, I don't know the specifics other than he was in timeout when I walked in and apparently he hassled Aaron and was a real pain in the neck all afternoon.  He had a spectacular day at school (no sarcasm, he truly did), and Aaron said he must have saved it all up for when he got home.  So he's getting ready to go to bed early tonight... no stay up privelege for cranky, disrespectful boys in this house.

I expect I'll be talking to his teacher tommorrow morning or Wednesday morning... we exchanged several emails over the past few days... the gist of it being he's been really struggling to not be disruptive, not play during lessons, talking too much etc.  He's not acting out necessarily... he was diagnosed with adhd when he was 4.  He has gotten progressively better about impulse control and behavior as he's gotten older, but he still struggles.  Anyway, I think it's worse right now because of the excitement of the holidays... or maybe it's just because, I don't know.  But He had a really rough week last week and on Friday she sent me an email telling me what a good job he did, and that he only got one color demotion to Yellow (they all start on Green, and can go up to Red (red hot razzle dazzle) for doing something awesome, or they can go down to yellow, pink and blue.  Blue means you are frozen and a call home... he's never ever gotten on blue before, and rarely anything other than green.  But he was on blue last week.  I was NOT happy.

Anyway, she tells me he had a great day and I write back and tell her that I'm so glad, and thank her for letting me know, etc.  Then I get home and find out that Nolan was actually demoted to Yellow and missed out on the class activity of making snowflakes because he threw a napkin at another child during reading time.  Instead she had him sit there and write me a letter telling me why he couldn't participate while all of his classmates sat around him doing the activity.


I emailed her this morning and inquired about it, given that I only had the 7 year old's side of the story.  I had asked her previously not to dangle classroom activities or use them as rewards/punishments for Nolan when it came to this kind of behavior... I asked her to try using pep talks and reminders before each lesson/activity while he is struggling.  He gets in trouble for talking in line, for playing with his friend at inappropriate times... for not sitting still during carpet lessons.  he's not being defiant, he's not being disrespectful... he's 7 and he has adhd and he's struggling right now.

Anyway, she wrote back and explained that she would have done the same for any other student who disrupted the class like he did (when he threw the napkin)... and that she has high expectations for her students.  Fine.  I applaud that. 

But A. I find it hard to believe her entire class (a first/second split) of 6 and 7 year olds had a perfect day... that none of them misbehaved, talked out of turn or got off task.  HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A FIRST GRADE CLASSROOM?  It's crazy.  Second, it doesn't sit well with me that after such a bad week last week, that she would single him out for one transgression... So I told her that, and I told her that this path we seem to be taking regarding managing his behavior doesn't sit well with me.  I then finished by asking her to let me know in advance if she plans on not letting him participate  in the gingerbread house making party in a week or two ... because if it hinges on his behavior, and he's not allowed to participate I will keep him home.  I'm not putting him through that. He was so sad about missing out on the snowflakes and when I talked to him about throwing the napkin he was remorseful and said he threw it after his friend threw it at him.  Regardless if that's what happened, I just feel like there's got to be a better way to manage him.

I am hesitating restarting meds because it truly changes his personality... he is a moody kid anyway, but the meds make him angry and mean. 

Anyway, after my long letter to her, she requested a meeting... I told her she could call me, I don't want to take extra time off unless I have to. 

This parenting shizz is hard.

My girlfriend Jen's daughter Serenity.  We had a Christmas party with her on Sunday.

Seth and his masterpiece

My Nolan buddy.

My Goddaughter Pais1ey

The three amigos

Feliz Navidad!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Zippy Haps

What has our elf on the shelf Zippy been up to?  Plenty!

Zippy Hanging out after doing some artwork on the boys' bathroom mirror.

Someone got a little creative with the portraits of my niece and nephew.

Zippy is not anti-spa... he indulged himself one day.

He borrowed an ornament to snuggle with.
Oh Zippy!

Many thanks to Aaron for helping me with this one.


Saturday, December 08, 2012


Yeah, I am totally failing at this Holidailies bizness.  Newsflash, this is being written on Monday for Saturday! But I'm totally going to backdate it.

Spent all morning on Saturday cleaning/organizing/throwing crap away from the boys' room.  When I was done I was left a several items that I put on top of their shelf so that I can organize it later... never got back to it over the weekend and I'm willing to bet that little fingers have already undone some of my handiwork.

We had family pictures taken by my seester on Saturday.  I was having an exceptional hair day I'll have you know.  Even though I hate the hair color and noticed gray hairs while I was doing my hair.  I'll get around to getting it colored... here's a fun fact.  I love girly things, I love being girly... but I flippin HATE having my hair done and getting my nails done.  Love the end result, loathe, detest and despise the process.

I am the anti-spa girl. I think massages are torture ... it feels nice, but the whole being rubbed down by a stranger thing... no likey.  I feel like I have to make conversation, and how relaxing is THAT?

My niece Natalie and I on Saturday <3 td="td">

Friday, December 07, 2012


Man, what the hell did I write about in this blog for years anyway?  I feel like I have nothing to say.  It sucks.

The boys had swim tonight... first class that they've misbehaved.  They were splashing each other... some other little shit started it and they kept doing it and were scolded by the teacher a few times.  The other little shit also pushed another kid into the pool.  Awesome.  I half laughed when that happened though, at least it wasn't MY kid who did it.  They then acted like wild animals in the locker room and lost their snack afterward.  In fact we went home and Nolan went straight to bed, and seth followed very shortly after. 

This parenting gig is fucking hard sometimes.

Aaron and I made a pact on Sunday (after a SPECTACULARLY not so awesome day with the yelling) to not yell anymore.  We've done pretty good all week, I don't think either one of us really slipped up.  Our evenings sure have been pleasant this week, with the exception of tonight. 

Other than that, I hacked zippy tonight, and made him bendy and velcro-y.  He's now lounging in a bowl ful of marshmallows.

Do you have any idea how bad I wanted a marshmallow tonight?  I don't even like those fuckers.

Anyway, it's 11:15 and I need to get to bed.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Just a quick one tonight, it's been a long day and mama is TAHRED. 

We had swim class tonight, Sethy was extremely apprehensive about going, he has anxiety about front floats and putting his face in the water.  I gave him a peptalk and then bribed him with the promise of buying a snack out of the vending machine when class was over.  It worked, no tears and he was actually excited during class.  They had a new teacher for the month of December and that may have helped as well.

Nolan was scheduled to have 2 teeth pulled yesterday morning... baby teeth.  This is something that Aaron and I don't have any personal experience with, so we were on the fence at first... then after talking to some other people who have had this done with their kids I felt a bit more comfortable.  I made the appointment, took the morning off and apparently in the 2 months since we've seen the dentist, his jaw has grown enough to where we have more options ... in fact they recommended not doing any extractions and have him come in in a year and do braces early, for just his front teeth.  I was glad for him not to have to go through all of that, but it would have been nice to have them have the ortho look at his records and examine him last time we were there... so I didn't have to take the morning off.

But it's all good.

Monday, December 03, 2012


Today was a rough day... in regards to internal battles.  I wasn't feeling that great, had to take my lunchbreak in the quiet room so I could lay down... that couch is questionable, but when you are desperate, what do you do?

I am on day 10 of this program... ... down 13 ish lbs.  I didn't lose any today and that probably started the day of woe, but I knew it might happen as my water consumption was basically nil over the weekend. My pants are loose and dragging on the ground (yay!) I had to go buy new jeans this weekend... A coat I couldn't button a week ago fits... these are all great things, but all day all I've wanted to do is have a cookie or ten.

I didn't.... I committed myself to this damn thing, and I'm going to see it through.  But it was a true struggle to not say fuck it and have a slice of the pie that someone left in the kitchenette at work, or go buy crackers when I wasn't feeling well earlier.  I'm glad I didn't cheat but man, it's starting to get to me.  Only 35 more days.  I can do this.

On the carousel yesterday... nice eyes crazy lady


Nolan is all about the weird hand moves when I try to take his picture these days.

Hey Aaron, teeth grit much?
That said, I'm still fighting this cold and I am BEAT.  I'm out.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Christmas Pageant 2012

Man, I seem to have caught some kind of chest cold and it BLOWS. I'm tired of feeling like this... overall I feel ok, but the chest tightness and coughing... yeah. I'm over it. Nolan seems to be fighting something off as well. We had a busy weekend, sickness or not. Friday night I went to Costco and got that end of the shopping done, and Aaron took the kids to church for pageant practice. I went through my clothes and got rid of bunch ... I don't know why I hold on to so much shit... I mean some of the crap I got rid of were rags.

 Saturday morning I ran some errands... I needed new jeans as I've lost a bit of weight recently. Then I had to get prizes and supplies for the Christmas get together I do with my friend Jen and her girls. I discovered that our local dollar tree sells basically the same wrapping paper that I was planning to get at Target... score! Anyway, after that excitement I took Sethy grocery shopping with me and then we had to be at church to get ready for the pageant. The boys did great, Nolan was a shepherd and seth was an angel. It was very cute. Afterwards, Aaron's cousin Mike and his wife Sarah came over for Pizza, it was so great visiting with them. We don't get to see them nearly enough. The boys showed off and delighted in having company over.

This morning we had another showing of the pageant and my sister and her family came to watch. Afterwards we went home and realized we had nothing going on for the rest of the day. We decided to surprise the boys and take the lightrail down to Seattle. There is a carousel at Westlake, and the gingerbread houses built by architects at the Sheraton on display. Then we decided to truly blow their mind and go to Gameworks. It was a pretty fun day. And you know, we spent 30 bucks so they could redeem their tickets for about 4 bucks worth of plastic shit and candy, so they were thrilled.

Nolan is in the back, third from left

The ornament I picked up last year on clearance. I love it.d

Some of the Shepherds


The highlight of the pageant every year is this camel.  It kills us.

Saturday, December 01, 2012


Because I am a sheep... a lamb, whatever the saying is, I signed up for Holidailies after reading that Jane had signed up.


And now the last thing I want to do is write.  Figures.

Tonight was the boys' annual Christmas Pageant at church.  Nolan was a shepherd and Seth was an angel.  It was very cute, and sweet and we'll get to sit through it again tomorrow morning.  My mom and dad came, as did two of my best friends Holly and Jen and Jen's girls Serenity and Paisley.  Nolan's godparents (and also Aaron's cousins) Mike and Sarah came, it was great!  Mike and Sarah came over afterwards, luckily we had enforced child labor earlier in the day and the house looked fabulous.  We had a really great visit.  It sucks that we don't see them more, they live up north and it's literally about twice a year that we make it up to see them.

Other than that, I spent the day running errands.  I'm glad I did so tomorrow after church the day is MINE to do with what I want.  I'm thinking... laundry and nap.  And maybe a trip to Walmart.  We'll see.

We adopted an elf on the shelf this year... the boys named him Zippy. He was up to no good last night....

Friday, November 09, 2012

Election stuff.

So yeah.  The election... It started out pretty calm for me, but the week or so before I became very emotionally involved.  I am not even sure why all of a sudden it hit... I can't explain it.  But let me tell you, when it was announced that Obama won a 2nd term I actually cried.  I CRIED.  HAPPY TEARS.  I was so relieved... and happy.  I realize he's not perfect, I realize he's got a lot of work to do... but the fact is, Romney scared me. 

The talk of qualifying rape, the birth control issues... it scared the hell out of me.  Plus he is so out of touch with anyone who isn't making 6 figures a year... I audibly gasped when I saw that Obama won Ohio... then a few minutes later when they announced he had won, I totally screamed.  Nolan had just gone to bed, and came running out wondering what the heck was going on.  Both boys were jumping up and down celebrating... and tears came.  I didn't expect that. 

I've also had my eye on the local races here... Referendum 74... which would legalize gay marriage, the pot initiative, Governor's race (My boss is running... ), and the race for Attorney General... a new boss for me.

I have to say I'm so happy that Referendum 74 passed... but I'm still shocked and ashamed at how narrow the margin was.  WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?  The pot initiative passed with a bigger lead than R74... in fact, 55% approved legalizing marijuane while only 53% approved marriage equality.

I am just kind of bowled over at how willing people are to discriminate.  Shameful. I am so glad it passed, but the numbers speak volumes about what a long way there still is to go for equality across the board.  SHAMEFUL.

Anyhoo.  That's all I have to say about that.  Overall I am pleased that on my 8th wedding anniversary the law was changed to allow marriage for all... what a great gift.

8 years... time flies. <3 br="br">

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Crazy Busy.

Holy cow the last few weeks have been a blur.  We are on week 3 I think... of Aaron working swing shift.  The boys and I have found our groove... thanks in large part to Aaron really picking up the slack in the mornings.  The house is clean when I get home, and he often helps with the homework... it's hard because when I get home, it's gogogogogogogo.  I get off the train, go straight to get the boys... and by the time we get home it's usually about a quarter to 6 or even later.  I hurry to put dinner together while trying to help the boys with homework.  It's a bit of a juggling act and we don't always do the greatest job.  But then Aaron is able to help balance it in the morning. So that works out pretty well.  I do dinner, dishes, get the boys showered and to bed and by that time I am BEAT.  I've also been going in an hour earlier as we are beyond busy at work right now.

At least soccer is over.  I say that with both relief and sadness... the relief because juggling 4 practices a week by myself would've been really difficult.  But I'm sad because I truly enjoyed it, and am really going to miss all those little knuckleheads. I never would have guessed how much fun we would have as a family in this experience.  Or how much I looked forward to the games.  It was great. 

Nolan is signed up for basketball, it starts in January... he is very anxious to start.  I hope he likes it!  Seth can play basketball next year, so he'll have to wait this one out.  Both started swimming this week.  It was kind of funny... Nolan wanted no part of swim lessons.  He whined, and bitched and was so cranky about it... I don't know why, the child is just like I was as a kid, he LOVES playing in the pool or the lake... any water.  He loves it.  Seth on the other hand was psyched.  

We get to the pool and I am told they can't go in the women's locker room because the age cutoff is 5.  Ok, no problem, I understand.  However, the 'family' bathroom they offer up instead was small, and kind of gross.  We managed, though it was a giant pain in the ass.  We walk into the pool area and Nolan is immediately out of his mind excited.  Seth on the other hand is like "screw this, I'm out."  These kids of mine can be so weird sometimes.  They end up getting in the pool for their 1/2 hour lesson (that was almost 10 bucks each... crikey.)  Nolan yells over to me several times during the lesson "MOM!  I LOVE THIS!  THANKS FOR BRINGING ME TO SWIM LESSONS! MOM WATCH ME! MOM I DID IT!!" ... it was sweet and a little embarrassing.  But sweet enough to soothe the embarrassing.  Seth cried a few times.  The teacher seemed to understand and took his time with Seth... the water hits him at the shoulder, and it hits Nolan at mid chest... so I can see why it freaked Sethy out. By the end the teacher had both of them putting their faces in the water, and jumping in without help.  (Well, Sethy held his hand, but that's it.)

They were jubilant after the lesson, asking if we could go there every day... all the cranking Nolan did about going in the first place, now he's mad because we can't go more than once a week.  Sorry dude, $80 for one month of lessons... 4 lessons each is about where I draw the line.  And that's cheap compared to some of the prices I found elsewhere. 

Anyhoo, yeah... we've been busy.   Good busy.  This is our first non-soccer weekend, and Aaron and I are celebrating it by going out of town for our Anniversary.  He planned it, I have no idea where we're going... that husband of mine is a good egg. :)  Though the fucker keeps referring to it as camping.  As in "bring your laptop, I think the campsite has electricity."  We are so NOT camping. 

The Ghost and the Pirate ... Sethy fought me tooth and nail on the eye makeup because he thought I was going to make him look like a girl.

Sometimes it shocks me how grown up he is getting.

7 going on 17.

My little peanut.  He's getting way too big for my liking as well.

Last Soccer Game for Seth

Last soccer game for Seth

Waiting to go in to his team party

Seth and his coach

The Tigers <3 br="br">

Nolan's last game

working out a little strategery

The Warriors <3 br="br">