Tuesday, November 01, 2011

ahh, that's better.

I was initially planning on updating this blog every day for nanoblomo or whatever it is called. But then I got acrylic nails put on 2 weeks ago and last week they were really screwing with my ability to type as I had them put on a bit long.

And yes, acrylics. I wore fake nails for about 3 years before I had kids, and man do I miss them. They make me feel pretty and they are a respectable length... and it gives me an hour to myself every other week to get a fill and have some me time. Though I have to say, I really don't enjoy the whole process in and of itself.

Anyway, because I haven't updated every day ... I'll remedy that by backdating a few short posts to get caught up.  So we'll pretend this was written on 11/1 and not 11/6.

now I leave you with one of my most favoritest pictures of my sissy when she was little.


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