Monday, September 05, 2011

How can one condo hold so much shit?

So yeah, on Thursday night we had a notice on our door that there was going to be a condo-wide garage sale on Saturday. When the topic had initially come up a few months ago I didn't pay much attention, as we are usually booked to the hilt on the weekends, and I didn't think we'd have time for a garage sale. This weekend, however, we were mostly free. So we spent a good 5-6 hours Friday night gathering items and pricing them. As a result I was able to really get in there and gut the boys' room of broken toys, and then set aside a bunch to sell at the garage sale. The amount of crap they have even after I did all that is disgusting. Spoiled much?

Anyway, we made about $23 from the garage sale, and I think most of it came from the crackhead in the complex next to ours. Wheeler and dealer she was, and aired out her dirty laundry in the process. She was annoying at best, and probably walked away with 20 bucks worth of stuff that she might've paid 5 or 6 dollars for. But really, we had made the deal that anything that we put out for the sale would NOT be coming back upstairs. So it was better than nothing, that's for sure. We still donated a ton of stuff to the used store, and then this morning when I cleaned out the boys' closet and purged the too small items, we have another big garbage sack to go up there.

On Sunday, we spent the day at Woodland Park Zoo with one of my oldest friends - Heather and her family. We had a blast, and followed up the long day on our feet in the hot sun by cooling off at a wading pool nearby.

Nolan, Julia, and Seth in the dinosaur exhibit at the zoo.

The only purpose I have for posting this pic, is that as I was picking some out to upload I kept doing a double take. That dinosaur looks like he has a cowboy hat on. After about the 5th double take, I was so annoyed with myself I had to share.

Oh man, the amount of begging and pleading I had to do to get these children to pose in front of the dinosaur. I can't blame them... they were totally scared of them and my reassurances didn't do much. Seth was convinced it was going to walk over and spray water like the other dinos we had just seen. (The spraying water, not the walking... none of them walked.)

The kids totally climbed up there without being forced and what's funny is about a year and a half ago we went to a children's museum and Nolan wanted no part in the group picture and was such a PILL about it.


aaahhh the good ol' days. Luckily he's much more cooperative these days.


The zoo maps were a hit among the older three (Shane, who is 2 didn't have the obsession that the older ones did.) They kept trying to figure out where we were, what we still wanted to see etc. We started referring to them as the navigators.





Right before I took this, Seth kept saying "can I hold your hand Joooolllliiuh?" It was really sweet.





So serious here.


Why yes, that is 2 6 year olds and an almost 5 year old in a double stroller. What can I say, it's a huge zoo, they have little legs. I am also weak to whining, so I rented one right off the bat and it held our bags of lunches/loot. Then after they had been walking for 3 hours or so I relented and let them rest. Slavedriver that I am.


Still Navigating.


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