Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love and Hate.

Things I LOVE:

1. the smell of coffee
2. the smell of fresh peaches
3. ice cream
4. NYC
5. my kitteh cats
6. my iphone
7. cracklin' oat bran
8. hitting all of the green lights
9. sleep
10. surprises
11. diet coke
12. flip flops
13. singing
14. Outlander book series
15. gossip
16. coffee... sweet, sweet coffee
17. laughing/giggling
18. pens
19. post its
20. being right :)

Things I HATE:

1. Feeling full, or rather just a smidge over full.
2. chaos
3. transitions
4. vagueness
5. Having to repeat myself.
6. when people are condescending.
7. the movie 'Very bad things'
8. the taste of black licorice
9. the smell of vanilla
10. warped sunglasses
11. close talkers
12. bitter coffee (I like mine to taste like dessert)
13. ill fitting jeans
14. insomnia
15. fruit flavored soda
16. the words 'yes dear' ... see #6
17. other drivers (but not you, I like YOU.)
18. being broke
20. being the bad guy

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ho Hum

So I turned 34 yesterday. Holy schnike. Honestly, it didn't wig me out as much as my sister turning 30 last week. That makes me feel old.

It was a good birthday, I didn't do much. We had a family dinner at my mom's house and Hollard and Willard came. It was a nice night. I got spoiled! (Pics below)... then on my actual birthday we went back over to mom and dad's to have pizza. BLT pizza... sooo good. And as per usual, my mom made my grandma's applesauce cake - my favorite.

Aaron took Nolan out to run errands on Sunday, and one of the errands was to get me a birthday card. When they came home he was acting really wierd and when I asked if he had gotten in trouble or something he said in a monotone voice (with his eyes closed) "I can't tell you. I bought you something really funny. And I get to sign my name on it. But it's a secret and I can't tell you." Not so good with the secrets yet, that one. After Aaron had the boys sign their cards they were dying to give them to me, but I wanted to wait until the next day for my actual birthday.

For the rest of the night and early the next morning, Nolan kept asking if he could give it to me. We made him wait until dinner that night, and when I walked into my parents after work, both boys came running up with their cards and shouting "open it! open it!" Nolan said "you're gonna love it mom, it's sooo funny."

I started opening the envelope and right before I took the card out he just couldn't contain himself anymore. He yelled "IT'S A CLOWN IN A TRASH CAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"... when I pulled the card out, sure as shit, it was a clown in a trash can. We all cracked up, his outburst was so funny. For the rest of the night he would periodically ask me "clowns in trash cans are funny, huh mom?!"

In other news, I made the mistake of downloading three different sims games last Friday. Can you guess how I have spent the majority of my time since then? It's riduculous, and I'm completely ignoring my reading and my shows and probably Aaron and the boys sometimes.

Monday, April 04, 2011

First Day Back!

Today was my first day back at work... just 4 days short of being gone for a month, boy was I glad to go back! I had a ton of emails to go through and am feeling a tad overwhelmed at what lies ahead of me to be completed, but I don't plan on being out anytime soon, so bring it on! It was also great to see my work family, I have missed them all. They welcomed me back in a very warm way, and my energy levels stayed up and I didn't feel exhausted at all. Very happy! In fact, I think my energy levels in general have improved... even as I'm only recuperating, it is amazing to me how much better I feel than how I felt even when I thought I was well a month and a half ago. I seriously think that after I had the pneumonia back in January, even though I continued to maintain and go about my daily business with a few colds etc in between, I was wearing down. I am SO glad that I was admitted to the hospital and treated when I was. I truly cannot believe the improvement. In other news, did anyone hear the This American Life episode last week? It was about the drug courts in Georgia, actually... one specific drug court run by one specific judge. It was downright appalling... APPALLING! And I'm a jaded civil servant who often thinks the system is too soft on people who commit crimes. If you click on that link, you can listen to the episode from the webpage, but if you want to buy it, it's a dollar. Great show, but seriously disturbing. Anyhoo, I am on my own tonight as Aaron went to see Red State and hear the Q & A session with Kevin Smith. He got pretty good seats too! I am looking forward to hearing how it went. I'll leave you with some pics of the Hank kitteh.

I can't decide if he's more robot kitteh or handsum boy kitteh here.

He only sits with Aaron and Sethy. fucker. But I'M THE ONE who gives him bits of feta and cheddar and whatever else I'm eating if he shows interest. Ingrate!