Saturday, December 04, 2010

Day Four of My favorite things...

Cosmetics/health and Beauty... are you riveted yet?

Lucky you Perfume, I adore this scent.

I typically use the lightest option of these shampoos.

I use the Revlon foundation now, because Max Factor is no more... or at least not in any of my stores. But the Max Factor foundation used to be my all time favorite.

Avon eyeshadow quad in Romantic Mauve... Love it!

MAC Lipstick... it's the only kind I can tolerate, it doesn't have a funky smell or feeling and it stays put pretty well.

Tressemme hair spray... love this stuff because it holds pretty well without turning your hair into a helmet like shield.

Oil of Olay Moisturizer... just like it, no particular reason.

Maybelline Full n soft mascara. This stuff stays on the best for me... no flaking, bleeding or smudging.

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