Sunday, August 22, 2010


Man... SOMEONE starts kindergarten in 9 days... NINE DAYS! I just can't believe it. I am definitely having anxiety over the whole transition into schoolagedom. I don't do well with transitions in general, add in the fact that this involves my child and bam. Freak out city.

I am sure it will go fine... I know it will. I'm just anxious, as I always am when I am not in control.

In other news, I finally hung up a bunch of pictures in our hallway... I've had portraits of the boys sitting in envelopes since they were taken ... clear back to babyhood. I hung up a total of 34 8x10's and 5x7s today. I have scrap books to put the others into, but it was nice to get the pictures up and framed and on the wall. My mom gave me a giant box of frames when they moved back in what... February? Anyway, I am feeling quite accomplished, and that box is finally out of our room, Hooray!

So Tommorrow will be a week since Asa died. Tonight I had my first moment where I forgot he wasn't here anymore. I picked up a fresh roll of toilet paper off the floor in the bathroom and thought "ooh, I better pick that up before Asa shreds it"... then realized that there wouldn't be anymore of that (unless Maisie develops a fetish for toilet paper and paper towel rolls). Kind of sad, but I think I've gotten over the hump. I spent the better part of last week disolving into tears whenever I would think of him or the previous few days/weeks. I miss my acey-pie, but I'm at peace with it.

Now as for the summertime haps...

We went to The Kirkland Classic Car Show in July, and it was awesome. It's a HUGE event, and there's a fair going on at the same time (Kirkland Uncorked), so there are booths and food vendors. It was awesome.




Aaron bonding with the boys


I'm sure the boys playing choo-choo train (complete with loud, shrill 'CHOO CHOO"s) totally upped Aaron's street cred.

I heart this car.





I just love him. ♥ ♥

Uncorked is held near this Marina area... I don't know the area AT ALL. My point is, it was really cute to see this mama duck with all of these little ducklings.


Always looking for a dose of humility, we stopped into starbucks for a cool drink with the boys.

Mr. Red teeth loved his lollipop.

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