Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jot it down

Just wanted to jot this down before I forget... we are having a pretty great evening, the boys have been especially cooperative and cute (though, I have already had one glass of wine, so perhaps my reality skewed? ) Whatever it is, I'll take more of these.

anyway, I had two kind of cute conversations with Sethy tonight. The first while he was in the bath:

Seth: Dis be my house?
Me: Yep
S: I yiv at my house?
M: That's right
S: Yucas not yiv here?
M: no, Lukey lives at his house with Auntie Lori and Uncle Seth.
S: yeah, yucas yiv in a coma?
M: yes, Lukey lives in Tacoma.
S: In a lellow house?
M: That's right buddy, You sure are smart Seth!
S: Yeah, I smart.

Then later at bedtime:
Seth: I a boy mommy, and you a girl?
Me: That's right buddy
S: And daddy a boy?
M: yep
S: And Nowan a boy?
M: Yep, is Auntie Lori a girl or a boy?
S: She a girl, and uncle Sess a boy?
M: yes, and What about lukey?
S: He a boy like me, sessy and nowan!
M: That's right buddy, what about baby Natalie?
(he thinks for a second)
S: She a baby!