Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Haps

Some randomness:

* (this may be redundant if we are facebook friends, btw)... Aaron's car broke down on Monday. I was able to go get the boys from him and then we went to the park. We made it home in time for Sethy's mind to be blown. Aaron had to be towed home, and Sethy was beyond excited to see his daddy's honda on the back of it. He was jumping up and down and when it was parked so the guy could do the paperwork he asked if he could touch it. It was really sweet. Nolan was pretty impressed too.

* Because the car is not working, I have been hoofing it to the bus stop and then taking the bus to the train station. and lather, rinse, repeat in the evenings. Hoo boy I forgot how awesome riding the bus can be. Threre are some straight up scary ass people on that route. ::shudder::

* I went to Zumba today and the instructor was wearing black sweatpants under grey sweat-burmudas. Almost kind of a bohemian work out look... but uh... she started sweating and before too long it looked like she pissed her pants. Her entire crotchular area was soaked.

* Lukey turned 3 ... 3! This weekend. Makes me kind of sad. He is such a sweet boy, dotes on his baby sister, loves his cousins and is just all around a sweetie pie. He is hands down Nolan and Seth's favorite person in THE WORLD. They ask if they can go to "Yucas's house" every day.



We were singing Happy Birthday to Lukey






It was his auntie Laurie's bright idea to give him this gigantic cupcake. He ate about half of it.




Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hoo boy, has it been over a month already?

I do NOT know what my problem is lately, I just have no desire to sit down and blog when the opportunity presents itself. When I am not able to do it, I have lots to tell you, tons to chat about, oodles of pictures to share... and then there are the times in between where I am pretty sure I want to scrap this whole thing. But I can't...I don't know why, I just can't.

So....anyway, how about some pictures to get back in the groove ...

Nolan took a bunch of wipes out of the container and proceeded to make himself into a doctor...

Mommy I'm a doctor!



Miss happytooth... this girl is ALL smiles!



Helping Auntie Karen blow out her candles