Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Things...

So I have to leave for Zumba (my first ever class, eep!) in about 20 minutes, so of course this is the perfect time to sit down and pound out an entry :)

As for the password protected issue, thank you all so much for your input ;) I have not figured anything out yet, and suspect it will be a while before I do, and there will be lots of notice before hand if I do go that route.

As the boys are getting older, I'm just finding myself not as comfortable with posting every little thing about them on the internet... could also be because of where I work and the shit I see every day, how the most innocent things (think baby food ads and the like) are used for very... un-innocent activities. Not to say my boys are being subjected to that, but who knows. I feel like I just have zero control over it and I don't like it.

In other AWESOME news, my parents will be moving next weekend... and they'll be 3.19 miles from us! (yes, I mapquested it, lol)... I am excited for them to be back in their own place, but selfishly I am ECSTATIC that they'll be close to us, and that their apartment complex is so awesome. Indoor and out door pools, playgrounds, community events (think easter egg hunts, Santa coming to visit etc)... plus a cabana where we can have birthday parties! Ok, so that last part sounds selfish, but overall this is an awesome development and I am very excited for them!

ok; I gotta get moving, big busy day today. here's a few recent pics:

I came out of the bathroom after a shower a week or two ago, Aaron was outside rearranging our storage unit and Nolan had taken it upon himself to get the paints set up for him and Seth. I was impressed!

we've had an unseasonably warm winter, and this was in January; we spent the late afternoon at Gene Coulon Beach, the boys had a blast watching the ducks and throwing rocks into the water.

Seth is telling me that we only have "five more minutes, ok mom?"



My favorite shot from that day :)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Heads up

I think I'm going to make this blog password protected. I am on the fence right now, but I think a big part of why I don't update is due to wanting to maintain some sense of privacy for my family, my job etc.

What's holding me back is that I don't believe password protected blogs can be read in the google reader or other readers... not sure how that works or if I want to go that route.

The one thing I hate about blogger password protected blogs is that it never remembers your information and I know I rarely read my blogger blogs that are protected for that exact reason.

Anyhoo, I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Food, Inc. Giveaway

My friend Sarah is giving away a Food, Inc. DVD on her blog Our Bella Cucina (you should check out the whole site anyway, TONS of yummy recipes!) Stop on by over there and check it out!