Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things that irk me about the show Jersey Shore

Or as I like to call it 'skanks and douchebags'.
(in no particular order)
* the nicknames(snooki, j-woww, the (fucking) situation) etc.
* the way some of them refer to themselves by nickname in the third person.
* snooki's face. (or more specifically her lips/ mouth... For whatever reason it grosses me out)
* steroid boy (he looks kind of... Special to me, and instead of looking lean and muscular or even just buff, he takes the meathead look to the next level.)
* mike in general, he thinks he looks like a God, and that all women want him. Seriously? Have you seen your face? Brad Pitt thee are not.
* idiot face with the tattoos and fucked up hair. (his hair is reminiscent of the Gotti boys)
* the orange skin
* the use of the words guido and guidette in general.
* but more specifically the use of those terms in a bragging kind of way.
* the absence of anyone attractive on the show... Not sure why this bugs me, but they all seem odd looking and some are odd shaped... While it's refreshing to see different sizes of women and such, some remind me so much of trolls (or troll dolls -snooki I'm looking at you) that it's distracting.

But you know I'll keep watching.

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