Friday, January 22, 2010


I am home today with a sick boy. Though you wouldn't totally know it if you didn't know him like I do. He is playing and acting pretty normally, way more crabby than usual and is a little more low key than usual. He's got a temp of 101.3 thus far, a runny nose and cough. Joy. I keep asking him how he feels and feeling his forehead.

Nolan has caught on and keeps telling me 'my forehead not feels berry good. I'm sick.' lol. Scammer, that one.

Has January been hell month for everyone? I know we were pretty low key in December at work, but January has been absolutely CRAZY. Mentally exhausting... not due to any drama or anything but from learning appellate procedures and uber busy getting ready for trials and such. I am totally looking forward to a more relaxed (I hope) February.

here are some new pics:

Lucas, Seth and Nolan at my Aunt's house for the Christmas celebration with my dad's side of the family.

I haven't seen this babeh or her brother in almost TWO WEEKS.  ARG!  Between busy schedules, sick kids, sick parents... I miss them!

The boys hanging and watching toy story.  Nolan and Lucas are shirtless because they were wrestling, and you know, you just can't wrestle with shirts on.


Me and my niece(!) at my aunt's house the day after christmas. 

Mr. Jigsaw Puzzle boy, he loves him some puzzles. I bought a few that are above his skillset though, and I swear Aaron and I have put them together more times than not.

Meet Walter. Walter is Sethy's kitty cat that he got as a Christmas gift from Nana and Papa. Papa has a kittycat similar to Walter on his desk, and Seth is OBSESSED with it. Now he has his own and he sleeps with it every night.

Playing Hi Ho Cherry O!

Asa was miffed that he couldn't play too.

They love this game... until they spin to the option where the bucket dumps and they have to put all their cherries back.

Seth is constantly asking to hold the cats now. Luckily we've been able to get him to ask for our help when he wants to.

I holdin ben!

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