Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010... The first three paragraphs were written on 1/1/10... I apparently forgot to finish/publish.

It's 2010... and we aren't zooming around on hovercraft, using microchips or fingerprints for our banking, no cure for the common cold, our healthcare system is seriously effed up, and stem cell research has not been allowed to cure all of the things it could... what's up with that?!

Hoo boy am I glad we have one more day of vacation. I can finish up the laundry, make a grocery run and get the boys ready for their new adventure on Monday! Their last day of daycare was on Wednesday, 12/23. Starting on Monday, they will be going to Auntie Jen's house, and playing with her daughter while we are at work. It will save us about 900 bucks a month to do it this way, which, unfortunately will not allow us to life the high life, but it will allow us to dig ourselves out of some of the debt we have incurred in the past few years.

She lives kind of out of the way, but in a round about sort of way, it can be a detour for Aaron on his way to work. It sucks because the kids will have to get up around 5 am (previously they were getting up around 5:40 so it's a good half hour or more earlier than before, but they can go in their pajamas and take it easy in the mornings.

Written today

So the arrangement with my friend is working out awesomely.  I really can't put into words how pleased I am and how relieved I am with it.  The boys are happy, they were sad last weekend when I told them that it was a stay home day.  She has them on a schedule as if they were in a preschool.  Her daughter is 7 months or so younger than Seth, so she's able to do a lot of age appropriate activities for all of the kids at the same time.  She sends me text messages and picture messages, the boys are thriving... I am seriously so so glad this is working out.

How about some pictures?

2009 Santa Picture

Nolan in December 2009

Seth on Christmas Eve.  When I got home from work on Christmas Eve, Nolan was running a temp of 104.6 or so.  I gave him some motrin and he felt better... but Aaron and Seth went to his mom's without us just to be safe.  I didn't want to pass along any illnesses, since there were little ones there.  So while Sethy and daddy went over there, Nolan and I went to bed early when I put the movie Madagascar on.  In the past, ever since I was born really, Christmas Eve was spent at my Grandma's house where my dad grew up.  Even after she passed away, and my aunt took over the house, she still hosted Christmas eve there.  This year, it was held on the 26th... and while it was weird, it was kind of nice to have christmas eve free.  Had Nolan not been sick, we would've all gone to Aaron's mom's and not had to worry about leaving by a certain time to make it to our usual plans.


Christmas Morning ... Nolan was feeling better, and was tickled by the finger puppets in his stocking.

Seth investigating some of his stocking loot

Pillow Pets!!! Santa delivered for sure.  Seth got a piggy and Nolan got what he calls a 'pillow horsie' but what is actually a purple unicorn.  But that's what he wanted, and he has been using it as his pillow every night since then.

new undies!

Playing after we were done opening presents

Christmas morning at Auntie Lori and Uncle Seth's house.  (yes, the boys had haircuts on Christmas morning, it was a gift to myself lol)

Mommy!  I like this movie!

Sethy with his special present from nana and papa.  My dad has a cat similar to this that sits on his desk, and Seth is pretty much obsessed with it.  We named him Walter, and Seth adores him.

It was pretty nice on Christmas Day, so the boys got lots of outside time. 

Me and Lukey



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