Saturday, December 04, 2010

Day Four of My favorite things...

Cosmetics/health and Beauty... are you riveted yet?

Lucky you Perfume, I adore this scent.

I typically use the lightest option of these shampoos.

I use the Revlon foundation now, because Max Factor is no more... or at least not in any of my stores. But the Max Factor foundation used to be my all time favorite.

Avon eyeshadow quad in Romantic Mauve... Love it!

MAC Lipstick... it's the only kind I can tolerate, it doesn't have a funky smell or feeling and it stays put pretty well.

Tressemme hair spray... love this stuff because it holds pretty well without turning your hair into a helmet like shield.

Oil of Olay Moisturizer... just like it, no particular reason.

Maybelline Full n soft mascara. This stuff stays on the best for me... no flaking, bleeding or smudging.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 3 My Favorite Things...

*yawn* I am so tired. This has been a hard week, one of my coworkers moved to a different division, I found out my favorite attorney is leaving, and my case load grew exponentially... and to make it more interesting, it grew with many many MANY more appellate matters. There is a learning curve when it comes to appellate matters... one I have yet to completely wrap my brain around, which makes it exhausting. Luckily, I have a lot of fantastic teachers in my coworkers and attorneys, so they definitely help me muddle through. But the learning process itself is stressful and tiring.

So in honor of a very long day and an even longer week (which is not yet over because I am going to work tommorrow), I give you my favorite ways to relax.

cat computer Pictures, Images and Photos
1. Mindlessly Surfing the Web.

2. Lots of Moscato.

3. Mindless TV

sleep kitteh Pictures, Images and Photos
4. Lots of sleeping

5. zoning out with my iphone... whether it's listening to music, surfing youtube or just playing games. I blow off a lot of steam this way.

6. And probably my most common way of dealing... burying my head in the sand. It's easier than thinking about what lies directly ahead or how the day went. Survival mechanism, anyone?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Favorite Things Day 2

Did you know that I hate musicals as a rule of thumb? There are of course exceptions to this rule... The Sound of Music being one and Greast being another. But typically, not a fan. I didn't expect to like Glee... I certainly didn't expect it to become the highlight of my week. But it is. I love it.
My favorite Glee numbers...

Gwyneth covering Cee-Lo


One Love ♥ I love me some Artie.

Hey Soul Sister



I want to hold your hand... probably my most favorite glee moment... I tear up and get the chills every single time I hear it. Could've been because of the episode subject matter, but man... he nailed it.

Other Glee songs I love but couldn't find videos of:

Funny Girl

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Still alive... and My Favorite Things Day One

In yet another attempt to get myself back into journaling/blogging/spewing nonsense on the web, I think for the month of December I will be writing about my favorite things. I love seeing other people's recommendations when it comes to music, movies, products etc. So, that's what I'm going to aim to do. Let's see how it goes.

So My first day of favorite things ... let's discuss Music.

Right now I am hooked on a few songs...

Take it Off by The Donnas.... seriously, cannot get enough of this song. I have liked it for a long time, but right now I'm totally hooked.

I'm Yours/Over the Rainbow by Straight No Chaser... I'm also big into accapella right now, probably thanks to Glee. This song makes me happy.

Telephone by Lady Gaga ... I didn't link to the actual video because it bugs me. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... I don't know what it is.

Winner by Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake and T.I. I just absolutely cannot get enough of this... totally makes me happy.

You're a Wolf by Sea Wolf ... Sundry linked to this song a while back and I fell in love with it. It is just hauntingly beautiful. I frequently listen to this on repeat, just can't get enough.

Here it Goes Again by OK Go... as usualy, the later I am to the party, the more I love the song... I am HOOKED on this song right now! I have loved the video since it was new, but now I just adore the song.

and there you have it. My favorite songs right now.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


I am in a terrible mood today, ARG! Not the kind where I am angry or sad or doom and gloom... but the kind where I want to scream in your face 'WTF, WHY ARE YOU SO EFFING IRRITATING?' And really, you're not irritating.

And the boys, gah. Today I can tell you the exact way I feel... ever see that bumper sticker that says "who are these children, and why are they calling me mommy?" I'm not sure what my problem is other than the fact that I took a muscle relaxer last night to get rid of a nasty nasty headache. It's left me a bit groggy and out of sorts today.

I mean I can't complaing. Seth is napping, Nolan is playing nice and quiet on the floor, I'm watching Project Runway. I'm about to get started on making Chicken and Dumplings following this recipe.

Ps. speaking of Project Runway... I CANNOT stand Gretchen!!!! She reminds me of a little girl I had in my class when I worked in Daycare. She annoyed the crap out of me, and Gretchen also annoys me.

Someone turned 4 years old recently!

My big Kindergartener.

Miss Natalie turned 1 in August.



This is Mr. Celvin. He brought his mommy and daddy all the way from Sweden for a visit! We all fell in love with him. <3

Oh how I wish this had been in better focus. She would NOT leave that headband on for anything!


Celvin and his mama, her name is Natalie too.

that would be Celvin's daddy Bobby and his auntie Ash.

All the kids lined up for the pinata.


For me?!

Mama and her girl.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mr. Tinycat.

Oh HAI! Meet Hank. Or possibly Ezra. I had decided to name him Henry Curtis Martin, and call him Hank. However, as is my usual modus operandi, I have a HELL of a time naming anything. Probably why both my boys were unnamed until moments before leaving the hospital after they were born.

The boys are beyond tickled with him. At first calling him "pank, pake, fake etc."

Maisie would like to thank us for the oh so tasty morsel we have given her.

Poor wee baybeh has lots of fleas, so he got a bath and was flea combed within an inch of his life.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Man... SOMEONE starts kindergarten in 9 days... NINE DAYS! I just can't believe it. I am definitely having anxiety over the whole transition into schoolagedom. I don't do well with transitions in general, add in the fact that this involves my child and bam. Freak out city.

I am sure it will go fine... I know it will. I'm just anxious, as I always am when I am not in control.

In other news, I finally hung up a bunch of pictures in our hallway... I've had portraits of the boys sitting in envelopes since they were taken ... clear back to babyhood. I hung up a total of 34 8x10's and 5x7s today. I have scrap books to put the others into, but it was nice to get the pictures up and framed and on the wall. My mom gave me a giant box of frames when they moved back in what... February? Anyway, I am feeling quite accomplished, and that box is finally out of our room, Hooray!

So Tommorrow will be a week since Asa died. Tonight I had my first moment where I forgot he wasn't here anymore. I picked up a fresh roll of toilet paper off the floor in the bathroom and thought "ooh, I better pick that up before Asa shreds it"... then realized that there wouldn't be anymore of that (unless Maisie develops a fetish for toilet paper and paper towel rolls). Kind of sad, but I think I've gotten over the hump. I spent the better part of last week disolving into tears whenever I would think of him or the previous few days/weeks. I miss my acey-pie, but I'm at peace with it.

Now as for the summertime haps...

We went to The Kirkland Classic Car Show in July, and it was awesome. It's a HUGE event, and there's a fair going on at the same time (Kirkland Uncorked), so there are booths and food vendors. It was awesome.




Aaron bonding with the boys


I'm sure the boys playing choo-choo train (complete with loud, shrill 'CHOO CHOO"s) totally upped Aaron's street cred.

I heart this car.





I just love him. ♥ ♥

Uncorked is held near this Marina area... I don't know the area AT ALL. My point is, it was really cute to see this mama duck with all of these little ducklings.


Always looking for a dose of humility, we stopped into starbucks for a cool drink with the boys.

Mr. Red teeth loved his lollipop.