Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas 'round these parts

*yawn* Hi there. Long time no see. I don't know what my deal is about not updating, LAZY! Actually, my ahem, virtual farming has taken over my blogging time. I know I know... I used to openly mock anyone who played farmville and totally never thought I would get sucked in. I blame my parents, I am totally hooked. HOOKED! I was talking to some of my friends on Friday night at Holly's birthday party (incidentally, they are all farmville friends as well. Anyway, we were laughing at how geeky it is, how we plan our lives around our crops and such. Anyway, it's a sad excuse, but that's what I've been up to.

Oh and getting ready for Christmas. I am officially done shopping as of today. Thank God for Aaron's work, who have a program where he can trade in his safety tokens (they get them for being injury free, etc. every so often, and he collects them from other people as well who don't want them) ... he was able to trade them in for a $250 gift card to Walmart.

Without that nice little gift card, we probably wouldn't have been able to buy for the nieces and nephews. We are not exchanging this year (Aaron and I) but we have gotten the boys some cool stuff. It's all about them anyway, and we are thinking we might splurge in January and go shopping for ourselves.

I do this every year (I think), but here are some pics of our favorite ornaments.

These are new to the tree this year:

Got this last year after Christmas at Target, LOVE it!

I am in love with these little penguins!!! Got this last month at Bartells.

I just love it

I got this one at Bartells too.

This little guy was a gift from a coworker last year. He has been living in my nylon drawer for the past year and Nolan has been OBSESSED with him. He has asked to play with it at least 50 times since last year.

Ice Cube snowmen from last year's Target after Christmas clearance.

cute little penguin photo frame from Target's Dollar aisle this year

Nolan's ornament for this year, I have them pick out an ornament each year (starting last year) and this was his choice.

This was Sethy's choice.

Older Ornaments

This was Seth's from last year

This was Nolan's from last year

Either last year or the year before, we had a smaller bulb like this from our honeymoon in NYC and those heathens that I birthed somehow shattered it. My mom and dad tracked this one down on the internet and got it for us. It goes up nice and high on the tree now.

I think I got this at Target 2 years ago, I love me some penguins.

an angel my mom made several years ago. She's the only one I have left.

I had an ornament exactly like this my whole childhood, and when I was in high school, someone robbed our storage unit and all of our christmas ornaments were taken. The handmade stuff my mom made in girl scouts, the hand made stuff I made in girl scouts. The babies first christmas ornaments for my sister and I... just thinking about it makes me sick. Anyway, my sister knew how upset I was and when she spotted this at the daycare we worked at, she asked if she could buy it from the teacher who had it (she used it on her in class tree) and I believe she just gave it to her. She gave it to me, and I have kept it on my tree ever since. I love it.

A gift when I was pregnant with Nolan
a gift from Lori I think, when I was pregnant with Nolan

Honeymoon ornament
The Jamaica ornament we got on our honeymoon

Seths first Christmas ornament
Sethy's first Christmas Ornament

Nolans first Christmas ornament
Nolan's first ornament

Wedding ornament
Ornament we bought the year we got married

My Great Grandma Made This
My great grandma made this one, I adore this ornament.

A gift from Ashley
Ashley gave me this a long time ago. I ♥ it.

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