Thursday, November 05, 2009

My heart hurts.

Rough day all around. Sad. Stressful. Not my most stellar parenting today... and getting Nolan to go to bed tonight was exhausting to say the very least.

I went over to Sandra's Remembrance Site and there is a gallery of pictures on the right hand side of the page. I was at first saddened to see the pic below, but now I am so thankful someone posted it. That's Sandra making a kissy face at Seth and Seth is being held by one of my most favoritist kids (except she's not a kid anymore) from my daycare days - Alecz.

Since we became moms, we hardly had a chance to get together anymore, in fact; the last time we were supposed to meet up (which was the first time in a long time) was the day before she went in the hospital with the SJS.

Her funeral is Saturday, ironically at the same time as my uncle's. I am choosing to go to hers; I hope my aunt understands. I need some closure to this... I need to hear the stories and see the pictures from happier times, so I don't remember my last visit with her in harborview as the way she was, because she was so much more than that. So much.


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