Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

I don’t know what my problem is in regards to blogging lately. Actually, that’s not true. I know what part of it is. Part of it is that I’m so tired and done with the day when I get home, get dinner done, kids bathed and in jammies, and off to bed… that by the time I sit in front of the computer, it’s all I can do to read blogs, catch up on facebook and zone out while playing bejeweled (on facebook)… I just don’t have much time or energy anymore for blogging.

For a week or so I was seriously contemplating taking it down… am still sort of thinking about it. I don’t like the guilty feeling when I don’t update. But then again, I kind of like having a blog. I enjoy looking back and seeing what I was up to at certain times in my life, and since I most DEFINITELY do not have time to write in a journal anymore, this blog is my only link to what’s going on.

I am going to start drafting entries in Word and then saving them to my thumb drive, and we’ll see if I don’t get more entries pumped out that way. (OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A FAIL, as this was written the week before labor day and I am just getting it published now. Gah.) I can’t update this bad boy from work; or rather, I won’t. I actually like my job and don’t want to jeopardize it for anything.

So, let’s see… what’s going on…. I can’t believe it’s already September 2nd. WTF. I am so not ready for fall… and yet I am. I am not ready for cold, for long pants and for dark mornings. I am ready for pumpkins, and chai tea (the only time I can drink it is the fall) and the feeling of impending holidays. BTW, it’s only 114 (make that 105) days to Christmas. (You’re Welcome mom.)

Also, most importantly, we recently had a new addition to the family. Not my little family, but my sister’s. She had a beautiful baby girl last week. Natalie Paige was born on the 27th and stunned us all by weighing nearly 8lbs and not looking like her brother! Luke was a picture of Lori, and Natalie seems to favor daddy more in the looks department. Though there have been a few pictures where I swear I see Lori (as a baby) and even a few that remind me of my Grandma.

I got to see her and hold her on Thursday and Friday of last week, and was planning on going to their house over the weekend to get some baby lovins, but I came down with the cold from hell and have been homebound. I am feeling a hell of a lot better though (seriously, Mucinex – the bomb diggity. Or as Nolan would say “the bomb-dot-com”.) I am really hoping to be completely over it so I can go down and love on her this weekend. **update** I made it down TWICE last weekend and got lots of baby time, what a doll she is. Seriously. Not that I am biased or anything. See for yourself:

natalie 13

Natalie 12

natalie 14

natalie 11

natalie 9

natalie 7

Natalie 6

natalie 5

Natalie 4

Natalie 3

natalie 2

natalie 1

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