Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Few Recent Funnies

Nolan this morning: "wow... look at all the stars."
Me: "I know, aren't they pretty?"
Nolan: "I don't want the stars to fall on us Mommy."
Me: "Don't worry honey, their home is in the sky. They won't fall on us."
(a minute or two passes by as we are driving)
Nolan: "yeah but they're following us."

Seth last night: "iss dark ousside?
Me: "yes, that means it's almost time to go to sleep."
Seth: "I go sleep inna dark?"
Me: "yes, that's right, we sleep in the dark."
Seth: "I no wanna sleep inna dark"
Me: "why not?"
Seth: "Monstas gonna get me"
Me: "no, we don't have any monsters Seth. No monsters will get you buddy."
Seth: "yes will."
Me: "No, honey. No monsters will get you. No monsters at all."
Seth: "ok. I need a kiss onna nose."


The day of the wedding it was virtually impossible to do naptime. The closest we came was putting a movie on and turning the lights off. Cathy and i got ready while the boys laid on the bed. Seth conked out, and Nolan of course fought it with every fiber.


Cathy touching Jessica up before we all got dressed

and again as we went through the whole taking pictures part of the day.

Put that goddamn camera down or I will powder you.


This guy was so handsome, and so tired. Also, the shoes we bought for him the day before didn't fit. So he got to wear lightning Mcqueen sandals. Awesome. Yes, I was THAT mom.

I can see how tired he is in this picture.

I might also mention that during this time, Nolan was completely uncooperative. He wasn't being awful or anything, but was not cooperative at all. He was totally exhausted. Aaron was out driving around letting Seth fall asleep in the backseat, and then he eventually came back and got Nolan too, and drove around for an additional hour hoping Nolan would fall asleep. I believe he finally did, but man he was CRANKY when we woke him up.

Can I have my candy NOW?


My handsome hubby and I



I love this picture.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great, Now I'm Addicted to Farkle.

I swear, I have been playing bejeweled blitz on facebook like CRAZY lately. Today I discovered farkle. I have played it probably 20 times this afternoon. Productive, no? That would explain the mountain of laundry that awaits me. But the day hasn't been a total waste.

I shaved Asa, I cut all three boys' hair, did a load of laundry, made lunch and dinner, went to church and scored a pair of dockers and old navy khaki capri's for 16 bucks at value village. Not too shabby.

oh and of course, I'm updating, which earns me a medal anyway. The best part is that we are at the most, 45 minutes away from bedtime. WOOT! The boys are finishing dinner and then it's bathtime and THEN it's bedtime. Holla!

Anyway, here are more Wenatchee wedding pics.

The morning of the wedding day, I took the boys on a walk into Wenatchee. I knew Aaron would have the solo parent responsibility in the afternoon while I was at the wedding and getting pictures taken, etc. So I wanted to give him a bit of a break in the morning. And since they were up at O' dark thirty, we headed out around 9am.


This fountain was only a block or two from our hotel

PuppyDoggy! PuppyDoggy!



I loved the painted windows on the stores, very retro feeling.

by the time we got back, we were all ready for a dip in the pool

Seth was NOT a fan of the elevator. Often tried walking away from the elevator when we were waiting for it, and then once we were in it, he held on for dear life.

all done?

not quite


I don't have many pics from the pool because I only brought the camera in at the end. The pool was really cool though, the whole thing didn't get deeper than 3 feet, and the first part of it was chest high for the boys.






That's MY boy :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Angel Child has become Argumentative Sassy Mouth

Not that I didn’t expect it of course, I mean, we ARE on the cusp of his third birthday. As I recall, the third birthday marked a particularly large growth of the devil horns in Nolan. We’ve been treating his sassy mouth with time outs and reprimands etc. It seems more like he’s trying to feel out his limits.

But then we have the arguing. And by the way, HE IS RIGHT. If you attempt to correct him, he gets pissed and yells and insists that you are wrong. Example: last night I was reading him the little alphabet book and showing him what letters are what, and blah blah blah. It went a little something like this:

Me: A is for Apple
Seth: No, not apple, is fruit.
Me: Apple is the name of the fruit.
Me: ok then, B is for Butterfly
Seth: No not butterfly, is buggy.
Me: ok, B can be for buggy, but the buggy’s name is butterfly.
Seth: No, is buggy. Not butterfly.
Me: C is for cat
Seth: No, not cat, is KITTYcat.
Me: Well kittycat and cat are the same thing! (totally trying to make him see how cool it is that a cat and kittycat can be the same thing)
Seth: No! not cat, is KITTYCAT!
Me: D is for dog.
Seth: No! not dog, is PUPPYDOG!
Me: oh for the love of God, let’s go watch tv.

Here are some old pics from the beginning of August when we went to Wenatchee for Jessica and Kevin's wedding! (There are more pictures, probably to be spread out over 3-4 entries.)

Chilling out in our hotel room, the boys were pretty enthralled in the beds and tv and the 'view' of the railroad tracks from our window.

Best thing we did: brought a backpack full of toys and books. Saved our asses BIG TIME.

In line for a pre-rehearsal starbucks... it was a bazillion degrees and I was in dire need of caffeine.

The wedding was at Ohme Gardens and though it was literally just on the outskirts of town, in town we were sweating and miserable, and because of the location of this place ... think shady, cliffside, etc... it was breezy and so nice. A good 10 degrees cooler I would guess. Plus, it was gorgeous. Lots of paths like this to explore.

discussing wedding preperations before the rehearsal... girl in green is the bride to be. I've known her since the third grade. THIRD GRADE! The guy on the right is her ex boyfriend from high school... I've known him since I was 15, he was the man of honor. He helped plan her wedding, and he did a fantastic job.

I thought snacks might bribe him into being cooperative... I was wrong.


Seth flirting with the bride

They had nametags at the rehearsal dinner, and the boys wanted one, and then promptly decided they DIDN'T want one. Aaron agreed to hold on to them.

thank goodness for remembering to put movies on our iphones. This helped when the boys were totally wily and bored and not making good choices.

This lovely lady with me is Cathy. (Or as the boys called her Miss Cassie)... I've known her since 7th grade, she was the maid of honor and she got the (un)lucky privelege of bunking in with us at the hotel. It was great though, I haven't spent time with her like that in years, and it was the first time she really got to see my boys. And they were totally enthralled with her.

Jess and I

God bless Aaron, he really took up most of the parenting duties that weekend, allowing me to participate in the wedding, and socialize with old friends. He was awesome, and I had a fabulous time, which I couldn't have had without him.

Troy and his mom Debra, it was so great catching up with them as well.

The funny thing is, I've never though he looked like his mom until I saw this picture and then I was like OH MY GAWD HE LOOKS LIKE HIS MOM! Funny what perspective pictures can give you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

I don’t know what my problem is in regards to blogging lately. Actually, that’s not true. I know what part of it is. Part of it is that I’m so tired and done with the day when I get home, get dinner done, kids bathed and in jammies, and off to bed… that by the time I sit in front of the computer, it’s all I can do to read blogs, catch up on facebook and zone out while playing bejeweled (on facebook)… I just don’t have much time or energy anymore for blogging.

For a week or so I was seriously contemplating taking it down… am still sort of thinking about it. I don’t like the guilty feeling when I don’t update. But then again, I kind of like having a blog. I enjoy looking back and seeing what I was up to at certain times in my life, and since I most DEFINITELY do not have time to write in a journal anymore, this blog is my only link to what’s going on.

I am going to start drafting entries in Word and then saving them to my thumb drive, and we’ll see if I don’t get more entries pumped out that way. (OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A FAIL, as this was written the week before labor day and I am just getting it published now. Gah.) I can’t update this bad boy from work; or rather, I won’t. I actually like my job and don’t want to jeopardize it for anything.

So, let’s see… what’s going on…. I can’t believe it’s already September 2nd. WTF. I am so not ready for fall… and yet I am. I am not ready for cold, for long pants and for dark mornings. I am ready for pumpkins, and chai tea (the only time I can drink it is the fall) and the feeling of impending holidays. BTW, it’s only 114 (make that 105) days to Christmas. (You’re Welcome mom.)

Also, most importantly, we recently had a new addition to the family. Not my little family, but my sister’s. She had a beautiful baby girl last week. Natalie Paige was born on the 27th and stunned us all by weighing nearly 8lbs and not looking like her brother! Luke was a picture of Lori, and Natalie seems to favor daddy more in the looks department. Though there have been a few pictures where I swear I see Lori (as a baby) and even a few that remind me of my Grandma.

I got to see her and hold her on Thursday and Friday of last week, and was planning on going to their house over the weekend to get some baby lovins, but I came down with the cold from hell and have been homebound. I am feeling a hell of a lot better though (seriously, Mucinex – the bomb diggity. Or as Nolan would say “the bomb-dot-com”.) I am really hoping to be completely over it so I can go down and love on her this weekend. **update** I made it down TWICE last weekend and got lots of baby time, what a doll she is. Seriously. Not that I am biased or anything. See for yourself:

natalie 13

Natalie 12

natalie 14

natalie 11

natalie 9

natalie 7

Natalie 6

natalie 5

Natalie 4

Natalie 3

natalie 2

natalie 1