Monday, August 17, 2009


10 days... TEN DAYS until my niece is born!!!! Not that I am excited or anything ;) Aaron and I took that Thursday and Friday off to go hang out at the hospital and get some baby holding time in.

I think Aaron is secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that baby Natalie will qwell any kind of desire I have to have more babies.

Who knows. When I think about having more kids, I don't really want to. Our hands are full right now, I'm tired of being broke... I don't know that I want to go back and start over.

But when I think about a specific baby... like if we have a boy, how his name will likely be Cole... and I imagine him ... then I want to have another baby so bad I can almost taste it. Or when I think about having a girl, how her name would be Annaliese... and be called Annie. Well I think it's inevitable. We will have another baby.

Truth be told, I feel like someone is missing from our family. I am just not ready to do anything about it.

Anyway, I secretly(or not so secretly) kind of hope I am done. I guess time will tell.

scene from Lori's baby shower

This is my cousin Matt's little girl Keely. ♥

The Linus boys


When it was like 100+ degrees here a week or two ago, Ben was MISERABLE. He actually laid under this cold wet rag for about 20 minutes.

I posted this on twitter last week, but this was a note home from daycare. Nolan is learning about Karma apparently.

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