Saturday, August 15, 2009

This American Life

Aaron and I are watching Season 2 of the tv series... I listen to it constantly on my ipod... I'm a HUGE fan of this show. I thought I'd compile a short list of some of my favorite episodes...

When you Talk about Music I love this episode so much. Particularly the opening story and David Sedaris' story... and of course, Sarah Vowell's story. *sigh*

The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar This whole episode was interesting

My Pen Pal The story about how a 10 year old American girl became pen pals w/ Manuel Noriega.

Come Back to Afghanistan The radio diary of a 17 year old who goes back to live in Afghanistan with his diplomat father... part one.

Teenage Embed (Part Two)

The House by Loon Lake Fascinating.

Conventions An achingly tragic love story in the third act.

First Day All I can say is Squirrel Cop. Act Two. you must listen.

Return to the Scene of the Crim Quite possibly my favorite episode EVER. From Mike Birbiglia's funny story about a car accident to Dan Savage's beautiful homage to his mom. (I've listened to act three probably 10 times)... I adore this episode. And I want to give Dan Savage a hug.

MatchMakers particularly act 3. Kind of a sad moral to the story about the state of affairs concerning race and dolls, but HIGHLARIOUS when she talks about the toy store.

My Experimental Phase Act one about a Hasidic Jew who ends up performing in nightclubs for a spell before settling down with a nice girl and having a family. Very interesting!



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