Friday, August 14, 2009

Things that are making me happy today...

1. I got an iced mocha this morning.
2. The boys were extra happy because it's friday, and that means DONUTS!
3. I am feeling good about myself today (trust me, this is not an everyday occurrence)
4. I stopped in to Safeway to pick up some gum, and stumbled across a $1 book sale. I have been wanting to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold again. I own it, but it's packed away into storage. They had a copy for sale, and I thought a dollar was a perfect price; in fact, I'll likely lend it out at work, so no worries if it gets damaged.
5. I also picked up a few other books for me and the boys. Gotta love cheap books!
6. It's FRIDAY!
7. For the first time in a while, we have no plans this weekend. It'll be nice to do things at our leisure and just hang out.
8. Peanut M&Ms. The debil yes, but so good.
9. My google reader... seriously, I wouldn't read 1/3 of the blogs that I do if I didn't have that baby. I love not having to go to each individual site to see if they updated. I ♥ google reader.
10. My iphone. For many many reasons, one of which is being able to read my google reader on it.

Here is a pic from last weekend... these are some of my favorite peeps. L-R is Cathy, Jessica, Troy and Me. I've know Cathy since 7th grade, Jessica since 3rd grade, and Troy since 10th grade.

He told everyone at daycare he went on a field trip to a wedding, stayed at the show and tell (Hotel) and was a ringdeer in the wedding. :)

Can I open my candy?

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