Monday, August 17, 2009


10 days... TEN DAYS until my niece is born!!!! Not that I am excited or anything ;) Aaron and I took that Thursday and Friday off to go hang out at the hospital and get some baby holding time in.

I think Aaron is secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that baby Natalie will qwell any kind of desire I have to have more babies.

Who knows. When I think about having more kids, I don't really want to. Our hands are full right now, I'm tired of being broke... I don't know that I want to go back and start over.

But when I think about a specific baby... like if we have a boy, how his name will likely be Cole... and I imagine him ... then I want to have another baby so bad I can almost taste it. Or when I think about having a girl, how her name would be Annaliese... and be called Annie. Well I think it's inevitable. We will have another baby.

Truth be told, I feel like someone is missing from our family. I am just not ready to do anything about it.

Anyway, I secretly(or not so secretly) kind of hope I am done. I guess time will tell.

scene from Lori's baby shower

This is my cousin Matt's little girl Keely. ♥

The Linus boys


When it was like 100+ degrees here a week or two ago, Ben was MISERABLE. He actually laid under this cold wet rag for about 20 minutes.

I posted this on twitter last week, but this was a note home from daycare. Nolan is learning about Karma apparently.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This American Life

Aaron and I are watching Season 2 of the tv series... I listen to it constantly on my ipod... I'm a HUGE fan of this show. I thought I'd compile a short list of some of my favorite episodes...

When you Talk about Music I love this episode so much. Particularly the opening story and David Sedaris' story... and of course, Sarah Vowell's story. *sigh*

The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar This whole episode was interesting

My Pen Pal The story about how a 10 year old American girl became pen pals w/ Manuel Noriega.

Come Back to Afghanistan The radio diary of a 17 year old who goes back to live in Afghanistan with his diplomat father... part one.

Teenage Embed (Part Two)

The House by Loon Lake Fascinating.

Conventions An achingly tragic love story in the third act.

First Day All I can say is Squirrel Cop. Act Two. you must listen.

Return to the Scene of the Crim Quite possibly my favorite episode EVER. From Mike Birbiglia's funny story about a car accident to Dan Savage's beautiful homage to his mom. (I've listened to act three probably 10 times)... I adore this episode. And I want to give Dan Savage a hug.

MatchMakers particularly act 3. Kind of a sad moral to the story about the state of affairs concerning race and dolls, but HIGHLARIOUS when she talks about the toy store.

My Experimental Phase Act one about a Hasidic Jew who ends up performing in nightclubs for a spell before settling down with a nice girl and having a family. Very interesting!



Friday, August 14, 2009

Things that are making me happy today...

1. I got an iced mocha this morning.
2. The boys were extra happy because it's friday, and that means DONUTS!
3. I am feeling good about myself today (trust me, this is not an everyday occurrence)
4. I stopped in to Safeway to pick up some gum, and stumbled across a $1 book sale. I have been wanting to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold again. I own it, but it's packed away into storage. They had a copy for sale, and I thought a dollar was a perfect price; in fact, I'll likely lend it out at work, so no worries if it gets damaged.
5. I also picked up a few other books for me and the boys. Gotta love cheap books!
6. It's FRIDAY!
7. For the first time in a while, we have no plans this weekend. It'll be nice to do things at our leisure and just hang out.
8. Peanut M&Ms. The debil yes, but so good.
9. My google reader... seriously, I wouldn't read 1/3 of the blogs that I do if I didn't have that baby. I love not having to go to each individual site to see if they updated. I ♥ google reader.
10. My iphone. For many many reasons, one of which is being able to read my google reader on it.

Here is a pic from last weekend... these are some of my favorite peeps. L-R is Cathy, Jessica, Troy and Me. I've know Cathy since 7th grade, Jessica since 3rd grade, and Troy since 10th grade.

He told everyone at daycare he went on a field trip to a wedding, stayed at the show and tell (Hotel) and was a ringdeer in the wedding. :)

Can I open my candy?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Hai!

Bah. I have no reason for not updating... I've had time, but no desire to update this mofo. I don't know why. Back in the day, I updated at work. That's not really an option anymore, so my time is limited to when I'm at home... and really, THAT time is limited to when the hooligans are in bed. By that time, I often just don't have it in me to whip out an entry. So that's why the lag in updates. I have been updating my twitter, that seems to be easier than doing actual blog updates at this point.

The boys are good, I just signed Nolan up for Soccer... I am still a little stunned that he is old enough for that. I can't imagine what it'll be like to see him suited up and ready to go. I wonder if he'll be cooperative or if he'll not want to play... he tends to shy away from new experiences, but who knows. As predictable as I think he is, he usually still manages to surprise me.

Last weekend we were in Wenatchee for the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends. I was a bridesmaid and Nolan was the ringbearer, we had a blast. Another old friend from high school bunked in with us, and the boys were absolutely enthralled with her. I got a chance to hang out with some of my friends who I really haven't spent much time at all with since I became a wife and mom. They got to see me as a mom and spend time with my kids... and I got some quality time with everyone... it was awesome.

Mr. Hambone.

What you talkin' bout willis?

What happens when he lets me take a picture "Chhhhheeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeeeee"

Taken at Nolan's school on his birthday

He's got many talents you know

Nolan with his buddies Kevin and Momo


Mama and her boys

the monkeys wouldn't take a nice picture with daddy

after we left school on his birthday, we went to his favorite park




Monday, August 03, 2009


Ben turns 13 today... He's been mine since he was 8 weeks old. Nolan thinks we should get him a yellow soccer ball "because, because he wants to kick it!"

pretty as a picture benny
Happy birthday Bean-dogg.

Leave my goddamn pajama pants ALONE.