Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update and Thoughts on True Blood

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. We've been some busy mofos around these parts. Yesterday I went to the doctor after waking up in the middle of the night totally freezing. It was still stifling hot in our room (it had been something crazy like 87 degrees or something) and I woke up around 2am and I was shaking and absolutely freezing. I managed to get out of bed and put on my longjohns and socks. My throat was killing me, my glands under my chin were swollen and painful, and I was so achey and sore... it was awful.

Aaron had to take the boys to school in the morning, as I wasn't sure I could manage by myself. I slept in and made a dr. appt, and boy am I glad I did. They tested me for Strep and Swine flu (have you ever had that test done?... holy shit that was unpleasant. A nasal swab clear up to the brain... ok, maybe not up to the brain but damn near close enough... makes my eyes water just thinking about it.) Turns out I have a 'mono like' virus. Sweet.

No drugs other than ibuprofen and tylenol, I've been sleeping the day away yesterday and today. Still running a fever, still aching and sore, still have a sore throat like no other. I am freaking out a little because I am already missing the rest of this week for work, and I really hope I don't have to miss any work next week. I am also supposed to be hosting my sister's baby shower on Sunday, and I am going to call my doc tommorrow to see if I'll still be contagious or not, if I feel up to going. It was a challenge to take a shower today, so I am not sure if I'll feel up to going on Sunday... which beyond bums me out.

Aaron and I have been watching True Blood, courtesy of Netflix. I like the show in general, and I don't mind the changes that are different than the books. The changes work. Anna Paquin sort of bumps me though... I don't buy the southern accent, she talks like she's special. I LOVE Bill. Forget Team Edward, I'm on Team Bill. I don't think they could've cast him any better. Eric on the other hand. bah. He looks nothing like the book describes him... he doesn't look like a viking at all.

My favorite characters on the show are Lafayette and Tara. I think they are Aaron's favorites too, they crack us up. We are about halfway through the first season, so far so good.

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