Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Water Babies

The boys love going to Aunt Laurie's and Uncle Seth's house... there are many reasons for this... Lukey lives there, he has cool toys, Nana and Papa live there and spoil them rotten, they have a huge backyard and more recently, they got a pool. Seth doesn't much care to play in it ... but Nolan and Luke have a total ball together. Seth would much rather busy himself in the dirt patch off the patio... caking himself and any toys he can grab with dirt and grime.

It's a damn shame that they didn't have fun in the water. Seth isn't much of a water baby, but boy, Nolan and Lukey are.




Seth would get close enough to play with the water toys or get his hands wet, and then he'd get splashed and he was over it.


You can see the fence in the background that was torn down by the fire fighters after the fire next door a few months ago.



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