Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Things I Love Right Now

Wasabi Peas... I love them!!! Who knew? 1/3 cup is only 130 calories and you really don't need that much anyway. A little definitely goes a long way.

Tribe Hummus Snack Packs... omg, these are so convenient. One dish is 100 calories, and a box of 16 of these bad boys will run you about 5 bucks at Costco. I love them with baby carrots and celery. Totally makes trying to be healthy easy.

These are so freakin good. Not to mention, that 35 of them equals one serving... I can't eat that many in one sitting, too sweet... if they were chocolate I would totally overdo it, but since they are just sweet, it's easy for me to have a couple and call it good. The birthday cake ones are TO DIE FOR.

Yoplait has outdone themselves with this flavor. Normally the mixed berry is my favorite, and normally I don't care for strawberry shortcake flavored shizzle... but htis stuff is really good.

These are 100 calories a bag, 4 or 5 cookies to a bag... and um... good luck not eating the whole box. For serious.

Don francisco is my favorite brand of drip coffee... I like both the vanilla nut and the hawaiian hazelnut. Sooo good. The hawaiian hazelnut smells like toasted coconut when it's brewing too.

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