Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Until I get back into this blogging thing, I may try to post some memey things at first to try and eke out a blogging habit again.

So for the first one let's do thankful Thursday shall we? (Thanks to Tib for the logo.)

1. My promotion that became effective on Monday.

2. That I still have a job.

3. The New Moon trailer, I have high hopes, which will likely only set me up for disappointment in the end, but it's nice to have something to look forward to.

4. My root canal was finished last night, I still have a few more appointments to complete everything, but the hard stuff is done!

5. My first Avon order was more than I expected, and it's motivating to do better this time!

6. The ability to read books on my kindle, I stupidly packed my twilight books away, knowing as I did so, that I would want to reread them at some point (despite the many new books I've acquired for Christmas, my birthday, mother's day and Valentine's day) *cough* will get to them! It's been super handy to have them on my phone. Who knew I could like Kindle?

7. Dental Insurance.

8. Coffee. Oh GLORIOUS Coffee.

Benadryl. Seth had a bout w/ hives recently and it knocked this stuff out, thankfully!

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