Monday, June 29, 2009

A Letter to Nolan on his 4th Birthday

Dear Nolan,

Happy birthday my big boy! Today you are 4 years old... which completely blows my mind. Particularly when I look back at pictures of you as a baby... I have a hard time imagining such a tall, lanky, boy as a tiny little baby. You are funny, and compassionate, and resourceful, stubborn, and willful and curious. You can put away 3 corn dogs easy peasy, and then try to pilfer some of your dad's. You love cheetos (the puffs more than the regular kind... you call them BIG cheetos). You love popsicles and ice cream and cookies and chocolate pudding. You love cupcakes and cake in general, though you tend to only eat the part that is covered by frosting.

Your favorite song is 'Womanizer' by Britney Spears, Disturbia(Disturvia in Nolanspeak) by Rihanna, and of course Ice Ice Baby (The ice song!) by Vanilla Ice. You are still obsessed with the movie CARS, but have also expanded your movie selection favorites to include Madagascar, Toy Story and Bolt. Your favorite tv shows are Dora, Caillou, and the Penguins of Madagascar. You also enjoy the King of Queens, Friends and like to watch Jon and Kate plus eight every now and then.

You frequently tell me that Sethy is your best friend, and so is Lucas. You love to dress just like your brother, and just last week you warmed our hearts by comforting Seth after he got hurt and told him "it's ok seth, don't cry." You also stick up for your brother when he's in trouble, telling daddy and me 'Leave my brother alone!'... which leads me to believe that we are doing something right.

You and I butt heads frequently... we are so alike in so many ways. You are stubborn like me, and think it's funny to provoke people and situations just like me too... you love vegetables like me, and you would sell your soul for some m&ms. You are cautious like daddy though, and approach new situations and adventures with apprehension. You are also focused like daddy, often having what I call 'tunnel vision' ... unable to concentrate or focus on anything else until you have come to a conclusion about whatever it is you are obsessing over.

You love your stuffed animals. You have a special place in your heart for your care bears and your teeny tiny stuffed animals. You also love cards... decs of cards, cards from the memory game... it doesn't matter. Fridays are your favorite day EVER. On friday mornings we stop to get me a coffee, and to get you and Seth some of those hostess mini donuts. Then, after school, you get to watch a movie (we don't do tv during the week if possible until after dinner). You ask every morning if it is Friday yet.

Daddy tought you that 8:00 is bed time, and that the first number on the clock on the DVR is what you look at to see if it says 8. Every night when we tell you it's bedtime, you run to the DVR and check to see if it's "8 aclock." then you will tell your brother "it's bedtime because my daddy said it's 8aclock."

You love to eat at Old Macdonald's and always want 'Chicken nunnets' when we get there.



size is relative

Frog baby


Sleepy Boy






Beautiful boy


He had just started reaching for things then





curly mcgee



he loves to swing


little flirt

pink hat

cape and a hat

I love these boys

mama and nolan



getting ready to go play




1st birthday

grown up
2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

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Look at that NOGGIN!

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probably my favorite video ever

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

so excited to be in his big boy bed!

Sleepy boy

Taken at 10pm in the dark, he was out. Let's hope he stays that way!

and as an aside, here is daddy putting together the goody bags for Nolan's party tommorrow. I was busy baking cupcakes and wrapping gifts, gotta love leaving stuff to the night before. you think I'd learn!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

BIG changes....

So yeah. Guess who is going to spend his first night in a big boy bed? (It's not like he's turning 4 in TWO days or anything.)


Seth took a turn laying on it while we took the crib down

... Nolan was stoked to say the least. I just wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a pic of him in it at first. I'll update with a pic later tonight after bedtime.

His first night EVER in a big boy bed. Wish us luck.

hold me.