Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's 1:24 in the Morning...

And I update. Man, what a day. My mom came over and spent the day to help us get our kitchen painted. Little did we know that Mr. Aaron had some tricks up his sleeve, he used his brand spankin' new paint gun thingy and needed little to no help painting. My mom basically got to spend the day helping me wrangle the boys and visiting, it was great!

Our kitchen is now totally white... the walls were navy blue before. I plan to finish the cupboards this weekend... I have tuesday off, all by my lonesome. That should give me MORE than enough time to get them done, and then I'll just need to have Aaron hang em' up and attach the pretty new handles.

Of course, now the dining room looks totally dingy. *sigh* Damn you new white paint!

This afternoon, when Aaron took mom home, I took the boys to the park. I chose a pretty big park on Lake Washington, and had to drive around looking for parking for about a half hour. The boys played for a while, but there were so many kids... it was a little nerve wracking for me trying to keep an eye on them, and then Seth would freak out every time he didn't immediately see me when he looked for me. I took them to McDonalds for dinner and then we went to Target, which sadly, I think was the highlight of their day.

They love shopping. Even when they don't get anything. We went to Walmart last night and they were OVERJOYED to be going to 'wuhlmo' as Seth says. I bought Nolan a pack of toy soldiers for a buck and got seth a hot wheel... today was a hard day in terms of the house being tore up. I was stressed and yelled too much... it was my way of making amends.

anyhoo, my eyes are now burning so I am going to go to bed.




My friend Jennifer's Little girl Serenity

feeding the baby

I a daddy!

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