Monday, April 20, 2009

Top reasons why updates will be scarce...

I am looking at working 10 hour days all this week, which means I won't get home until nearly 6:30 and ideally be in bed by 8 along w/ the kids. I"m tired just thinking about it.

Also, my throat hurts... the kids are getting sick AGAIN, making that lovely barking noise when they cough. (Those things right there have nothing to do w/ me not blogging, but they are noteworthy to me I guess.)

We are also trying to get the last of the boxable stuff boxed and put into storage before Sunday when (hopefully) Seth and Laurie come over with their big new truck and help us take several large ticket items to storage. (entertainment stands, bookshelves, hope chest, night table, dresser, etc.)

It's actually quite scary how much shit we have.

ps. the boys had their first fudgesicles (wtf, how do you spell that?!) last night, and Nolan was BESIDE himself when he saw that Seth's was bigger. (Slower eater) and kept crying and fretting and saying "but I wanna lick sethy's bicycle!" (Bicycle=Nolan speak for fudgesicle). hee!

I swear they could be triplets


Seth was so tickled by the bday cake

probably my favorite shot

playing w/ daddy's face

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