Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I have had three hours of sleep. THREE. It is actually kind of amazing that Aaron survived the night without having one of my socks shoved down his goddamn throat. He snores pretty regularly, but when he's sick it's constant, it's LOUD and it's virtually impossible to get him to stop.

I am so over today already and it's not even 5 a.m.

My big two year old nephew! Is it just me or does he totally look like tommy pickles here?

How can you tell my little wierdos aren't exactly 'comfortable' in their surroundings? The jackets stay on and the hoods go up... seriously. Once they warm up, they want nothing to do w/ the jackets.


It's too bad he didn't like his bouncy house

Mommy and the birthday boy


I took this one w/ Lori's new camera and lens... they live near McChord and the planes zoom around all the time. Very cool.

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