Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Again

I'm at home w/ the boys again today. I had fully intended on taking Nolan to daycare, as Seth has a dr. appt this morning, but Nolan has pleaded to stay home with us. I have had to warn him twice that if he is going to be wild and crazy and not listen to me then he will go to school, and man... it actually worked.

I haven't been updating here because I've been so tired and busy. But I have been updating the weight loss blog daily. Though it's pretty much about the battle of the bulge and nothing else.

Tommorrow is my birthday, I will be 32. Ugh. I suppose I would feel better about it if I were in better shape. Bah. oh Well, it'll be a good day I think. I have a hair appt in the morning, plan to go to the gym and of course, plan to go out to my favorite karaoke bar!

Anyhoo, I gotta go jump in the shower, we need to leave for Seth's appt in about an hour.

Anatomy of a take down... Seth dared to snag Nolan's ball

don't worry, No dirt was eaten ... and the bully was appropriately punished.

Last weekend we went to the family fun center for a birthday party for our nephews, the boys had an awesome time.

first time on a coin op horse ride


This is a pretty accurate picture inside 'Kidopolis' at the family fun center... sadly, Nolan had just told me he had a tummy ache, and I can see it in his expression here. I like the movement around him, but his expression makes me sad.


He played so hard for about 3 hours

Daddy helped Seth Navigate the tubes

They were riding on the 'Hot Potato' ride

Even the big kids had fun :)

Adrian and Nolan coming down the slide

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