Friday, April 17, 2009


After a call into my doctor's office yesterday (when I ultimately caved and tried to make an appointment)... the nurse got on the line and then between me and the doctor, conveyed information as necessary. They think the dizzy/tingling stuff is a result of me coming off of my antidepressant. I would poo poo this theory, because I've been off of it completely (after going from a low dosage to begin with, down to half a pill a day for a month, to nothing) for almost 2 weeks I think. BUT. I took a half pill last night, and damn if I don't feel better today. I am to take a half pill every other day until the bottle runs out and if I'm not all better by the end of next week, they'll want to see me.

So I'm glad that I called.

Also, I'm glad they proved me wrong. My attitude towards doctor's offices tends to be one of "they want to make a buck" but they proved me wrong. They didn't make me come in... I so appreciate that.



it disturbs me how grown up he's getting.


I just love his little round head

Who IS this big boy?!

Sucking his lip as usual

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