Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I got da ball!!!!!!


in his happy place











Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At least he didn't need stitches

I got a call from daycare at 8:15 this morning that Nolan had cut his lip pretty bad, and they thought he should see a doctor.

To make a long story short, Karen came and got me from work; took me to my car in Tukwila and then I took Nolan to the Doctor. (Karen rocks by the way!)... the doc spent all of 45 seconds in the room and said "no stitches... it would cause him more distress, pain and discomfort than it's worth. Because it's on the lip, it'll heal fast, and by the time we saw the doc; about an hour after the injury happened, it had already pretty much closed up.

here are pics from this morning:



This was taken after his bath tonight

this one makes my knees hurt

It's definitely worse tonight.

I think I'll sneak in after he's asleep and apply some medicated ointment to it. My poor bubs.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Top reasons why updates will be scarce...

I am looking at working 10 hour days all this week, which means I won't get home until nearly 6:30 and ideally be in bed by 8 along w/ the kids. I"m tired just thinking about it.

Also, my throat hurts... the kids are getting sick AGAIN, making that lovely barking noise when they cough. (Those things right there have nothing to do w/ me not blogging, but they are noteworthy to me I guess.)

We are also trying to get the last of the boxable stuff boxed and put into storage before Sunday when (hopefully) Seth and Laurie come over with their big new truck and help us take several large ticket items to storage. (entertainment stands, bookshelves, hope chest, night table, dresser, etc.)

It's actually quite scary how much shit we have.

ps. the boys had their first fudgesicles (wtf, how do you spell that?!) last night, and Nolan was BESIDE himself when he saw that Seth's was bigger. (Slower eater) and kept crying and fretting and saying "but I wanna lick sethy's bicycle!" (Bicycle=Nolan speak for fudgesicle). hee!

I swear they could be triplets


Seth was so tickled by the bday cake

probably my favorite shot

playing w/ daddy's face

Friday, April 17, 2009


After a call into my doctor's office yesterday (when I ultimately caved and tried to make an appointment)... the nurse got on the line and then between me and the doctor, conveyed information as necessary. They think the dizzy/tingling stuff is a result of me coming off of my antidepressant. I would poo poo this theory, because I've been off of it completely (after going from a low dosage to begin with, down to half a pill a day for a month, to nothing) for almost 2 weeks I think. BUT. I took a half pill last night, and damn if I don't feel better today. I am to take a half pill every other day until the bottle runs out and if I'm not all better by the end of next week, they'll want to see me.

So I'm glad that I called.

Also, I'm glad they proved me wrong. My attitude towards doctor's offices tends to be one of "they want to make a buck" but they proved me wrong. They didn't make me come in... I so appreciate that.



it disturbs me how grown up he's getting.


I just love his little round head

Who IS this big boy?!

Sucking his lip as usual

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I dare you...

to watch this video and not get goosebumps. or Choked up.

I normally avoid stuff like this like the plague... I hate American Idol and shows like that, but I've seen the hype about this lady... and today at work it was mentioned several times.

So I gave it a watch. And boy... my eyes teared up at the end and I was in awe. As were my coworkers (4 of them gathered in my cubicle to watch)... seriously, she is amazing.

Susan Boyle

So I was slightly dizzy all day yesterday... the kind of dizzy where I almost feel like I've had a vicodin or something, but not lethargic or woozy. And my face would get barely tingly and kind of numb off and on all day.

It's to a lesser degree today, but still kind of there. In the past 24 hours I have googled the following:

slight dizziness numb face
slight dizziness tingly face
tingly face
kind of dizzy and numb
numb face
numb and tingly face and dizzy
dizzy feeling and tingly face
pins and needles face dizzy
My face feels numb
why am I dizzy

lather, rinse, repeat. I haven't found much that I actually think I have. Some of the answers had to do w/ pregnancy (which I am not, HALLELUJAH.) Some had to do w/ being menopausal... which I am also not (small hallelujah?) and many dealt w/ chronic illnesses or diseases or the treatments thereof, all of which I do not have.

So now I'm kind of thinking possible inner ear infection, though the dizziness is barely noticeable... and really I don't have the other symptoms it listed. Who knows, I will just wait it out and see what's up.

♥ I love this picture

Our niece Seeanna... Aaron's brother's little girl

Aaron's brother Dan, his girlfriend Connie and Seeanna

Ethan our other nephew, and the other birthday boy




Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I haven't blogged

I have been uber busy as of late... here is a list of what's been going on in bullet points:

• I turned 32 on Saturday
• Seth was sent home from daycare Thursday afternoon w/ diarrhea… and told he couldn’t come back for 24 hours.
• Which meant that I stayed home on Friday.
• I elected to keep Nolan home with us, as he said “I wanna stay with you mommy” when asked.
• I will likely not do that again.
• I spent much of the day Friday in a horrible mood, barking at the kids and dealing with a tantrumming, angry, mean, volatile 3 year old.
• Which made me feel both like a completely ineffective parent and a failure. And also, enraged.
• Friday night I stopped at the store on our way to my sister’s house, and grabbed a six pack of blue moon ale.
• After only 1, I was happy and relaxed and not mad at the world anymore.
• After 2 I was downright cheerful.
• We celebrated my birthday with my parents on Friday night.
• My mom made my great grandma’s famous (at least to us) applesauce cake. She sent the leftovers home with us.
• I may have only eaten the parts w/ the frosting for breakfast the next morning.
• I got a lot of really cool baking/decorating stuff … I’m branching out into new territory here… fondant! But I am determined to find a fondant recipe that actually tastes good.
• I got my hair cut and colored on Saturday morning.
• Aaron’s mom came over to watch the boys on Saturday night so we could go out. We had dinner at Red Robin and then went to the Mandarin for some Karaoke fun.
• I had a really good time.
• Aaron got me a carrot cake from Costco – which was a big hit at the party to everyone except my sister… who still attempted to eat it, but made faces like we were trying to poison her. (She doesn’t like anything w/ lumps in it.)
• The carrot cake had a picture of a princess on it. I loved it 
• Sunday I woke up feeling pretty good considering all the libations from the night before.
• We didn’t put together the easter baskets and such until naptime, so when the boys got up from nap they were told that the easter bunny had been there.
• Did I mention that I had told Nolan we were going to Lukey’s house after nap, and the boy refused to nap? Stayed in his crib and whined for an hour.
• When we got the boys up, Seth was groggy and not totally into it, and Nolan found 2 eggs… and when I say ‘found’ I mean it in the loosest sense of the word… we didn’t really hide them, more like set them out in different spots on the floor and chairs.
• He also didn’t want his chocolate bunny… the horror! Aaron and I ate it.
• We then went to my sister’s for easter dinner… my mom had fallen the night before and thought she had broken her ankle. She spent the day in my dad’s manual wheelchair and eventually retired from hosting early, as she needed to lay down.
• Nolan and Luke emptied the entire diaper pail of dirty diapers into Luke’s toybox.
• I almost had an aneurysm.
• Shortly after dinner we left and the boys fought and whined and got toys taken away from them on the way home. They screamed and cried the whole way home.
• Nolan spit at us again. He was sentenced to early bedtime.
• I worked overtime yesterday.
• I am working overtime today.
• Last night Seth bit the hell out of Nolan’s back. He was sentenced to early bedtime.
• Our house looks like a dirty bomb of plastic easter eggs has gone off in it.
• I left my heating pad on today and am praying and hoping that the condo doesn’t catch on fire.
• I am tired.


Adrian, the Birthday Boy!

How do I get this thing on?





Daddy lent a hand w/ the tricky hat



this one cracks me up

Friday, April 10, 2009

Home Again

I'm at home w/ the boys again today. I had fully intended on taking Nolan to daycare, as Seth has a dr. appt this morning, but Nolan has pleaded to stay home with us. I have had to warn him twice that if he is going to be wild and crazy and not listen to me then he will go to school, and man... it actually worked.

I haven't been updating here because I've been so tired and busy. But I have been updating the weight loss blog daily. Though it's pretty much about the battle of the bulge and nothing else.

Tommorrow is my birthday, I will be 32. Ugh. I suppose I would feel better about it if I were in better shape. Bah. oh Well, it'll be a good day I think. I have a hair appt in the morning, plan to go to the gym and of course, plan to go out to my favorite karaoke bar!

Anyhoo, I gotta go jump in the shower, we need to leave for Seth's appt in about an hour.

Anatomy of a take down... Seth dared to snag Nolan's ball

don't worry, No dirt was eaten ... and the bully was appropriately punished.

Last weekend we went to the family fun center for a birthday party for our nephews, the boys had an awesome time.

first time on a coin op horse ride


This is a pretty accurate picture inside 'Kidopolis' at the family fun center... sadly, Nolan had just told me he had a tummy ache, and I can see it in his expression here. I like the movement around him, but his expression makes me sad.


He played so hard for about 3 hours

Daddy helped Seth Navigate the tubes

They were riding on the 'Hot Potato' ride

Even the big kids had fun :)

Adrian and Nolan coming down the slide