Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well F*ck.

We were home sick (well, home w/ a sick Seth) all weekend. He woke up Saturday w/ a 101 - 102 degree temp. No other symptoms, and the fever all but was obliterated w/ a dose of ibuprofen. It did come back though when the meds wore off. I dosed him again, and then on Sunday morning it was up to 103.5 but again, responded to meds very well. I kept him dosed all day and all was basically well. He even wanted to go outside w/ Nolan in the afternoon on Sunday.

I stayed home Monday... he woke up fever free and happy go lucky. So today I took him back to school and I went to work. Aaron was not feeling well and ended up coming home early (you know he's sick when he does that)... and when I got home Seth was running a temp again of 101.2... these are not sky high temps, I know but gah. So if he's temp free in the morning he will go to school, and likely go to the doctor when Aaron gets off work at 2. If he is running a temp, I guess I'll have to stay home. I don't like this fever business at all.

Here are some recent pics I've taken w/ the iphone ...

Inside the main hub of the King County Courthouse.

My favorite displays are always at the Luly Yang window a few streets from where I work.

taken on my walk to work

my ride arrives



King Street Station (currently the tower is under renovation)

at home w/ my sick baby this weekend

I love that face

the King County Courthouse from the outside on the North side... reminds me of where the Royal Tenenbaums would live if they lived in Seattle.

ps. I started a weight loss blog. *sigh*

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