Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Photos by Lori

But first, a funny.

Nolan has a potty mouth. Well, actually, Nolan has a love of attention, good or bad, and has a mommy and daddy who occasionally let four letter zingers fly and he has picked some of them up.

Now, in all fairness, we have curbed much of the potty talk, but we are not perfect. At least Aaron isn't. :) And so now occasionally when we say something inappropriate we are reprimanded by our evil 3.5 year old dictator with a stern "you don't say that word dammit, you don't say that."

We have started to give him words to replace the cuss words... things like 'darnet' insteda of damnit...etc. I rue the day I ever said (in a fit of rage) if you don't knock that shit off I am going to SPANK YOUR ASS!" Because when I said it, we were at the beginning of this whole swearing thing with Nolan. He has finally stopped saying it, but Seth seeing the attention it got Nolan, started to say it. Luckily only the 'sethspeak' trained ear can detect it when he says it... unfortunately Nolan is schooled in Sethspeak.

So now Seth will say "I macka ass!" and Nolan pipes up with "oooh, Seth said I smack your ass!" and we reprimand Seth who then either spits at us or screams no. Which is another post entireley, and then he'll get a time out and when he comes out of time out he commits said infraction again and lather rinse repeat.


Have I mentioned that kids are awesome? We are trying to teach Nolan to ignore Seth (ha!) and let us handle it, but it's not working, and Seth just loves the attention. So we are continuing to ignore Nolan's reportings and then just punish the potty mouth.

on a funnier note, Nolan seems to have decided that 'Darnet' is the substitute for all bad words and last night I heard him say to seth (over the baby monitor) "you lay down Seth, it's night night time. You lay down or I'll smack your darnet."













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