Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Happy Friday

Friday the 13th... a good day! Today is a coworker's birthday here at work and she is a big fan of key lime cheesecake. I decided to make mini key lime cheesecakes and bring them in... After 3 hours in the kitchen I was left with 20 very sunken in crater-esque cupcakes w/ a graham cracker crust that was so crumbly it wasn't even a crust. Just a layer of graham cracker dust under the sunken in cheese mess. Oh and it was tart. Not just tart... pucker your butt cheeks tart. I decided to try and make an actual cheesecake instead of the mini ones... and used a different recipe. The end result was better, but the taste was bitter and not impressive. So into the sink it went.

And I stopped by Safeway and bought her a slice of strawberry cheesecake from the bakery and a box of cookies for the rest of us.

In other news, I was woken up 3 times by Mr. Nolan. My own sleep has been fractured at best lately, and his sleep issues have not been helping. I think he's getting a cold and possibly a digestive ailment, as he's been a bit out of sorts. He woke around 11:30 ... I didn't go in, as he just seemed to be talking in his sleep. At 12:30 he woke crying for water. I went in and obliged (we don't let him keep a sippy in his bed because he will drain and then need to either pee all night and wake us up or piss himself and wake us up. He rarely wakes for water). Then at 2:30 came an awesome cry... "Mama, I need to gooooo pooooooop!" He was oddly cheery and awake for that time of night, and pled his case to stay up and watch Caillou. I told him no, and he proceeded to shut the bathroom door in my face with a "don't yook at me." I stood in the hall and nodded off and then got cranky and said "HURRY.UP. MAMA.IS.TIRED." I got him cleaned up finally, and put to bed, and I collapsed back into bed myself.

I think I'll invest in a bottle of wine this weekend, and see if a glass before bed will help ease me back into sleepytime.

Also, I have recently discovered This American Life... oh my LORD I am in HEAVEN! I am loving this podcast!!!! I have also started listening to some of the old shows online for free at work. It is amusing, heartwarming, sad, and hilarious... how did I not know of David Sedaris? I just listened to the one on Music Lessons (check out their favorite shows on the site) and I sat at my desk just giggling.

I also love the host Ira Glass... I highly recommend checking this out.

Out to dinner for Daddy's Birthday at Red Robin!


See mom, look at dis picture I do for you!

My handsome birthday boy

The big Red Robin Plushy guy came out. I thought the kids would get a kick out of it.

I was wrong. This was the only shot I got of Nolan when the big plushy dude was out... he was trying to climb up me, and was absolutely TERRIFIED. Kept saying 'I wanna go home!' and then proclaimed it a monster. heh. Aaron and I were beyond amused by this.

Aaron's brother Dan and his daughter Seanna.

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