Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well F*ck.

We were home sick (well, home w/ a sick Seth) all weekend. He woke up Saturday w/ a 101 - 102 degree temp. No other symptoms, and the fever all but was obliterated w/ a dose of ibuprofen. It did come back though when the meds wore off. I dosed him again, and then on Sunday morning it was up to 103.5 but again, responded to meds very well. I kept him dosed all day and all was basically well. He even wanted to go outside w/ Nolan in the afternoon on Sunday.

I stayed home Monday... he woke up fever free and happy go lucky. So today I took him back to school and I went to work. Aaron was not feeling well and ended up coming home early (you know he's sick when he does that)... and when I got home Seth was running a temp again of 101.2... these are not sky high temps, I know but gah. So if he's temp free in the morning he will go to school, and likely go to the doctor when Aaron gets off work at 2. If he is running a temp, I guess I'll have to stay home. I don't like this fever business at all.

Here are some recent pics I've taken w/ the iphone ...

Inside the main hub of the King County Courthouse.

My favorite displays are always at the Luly Yang window a few streets from where I work.

taken on my walk to work

my ride arrives



King Street Station (currently the tower is under renovation)

at home w/ my sick baby this weekend

I love that face

the King County Courthouse from the outside on the North side... reminds me of where the Royal Tenenbaums would live if they lived in Seattle.

ps. I started a weight loss blog. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am ex.haus.ted. For serious. I am still sick... haven't been updating because when not laying on the couch in a nyquil haze I am coughing up a lung and/or trying to eek out some housework or get myself to my actual work.

I am feeling better, but still sick. And today, sooo tired. Of course, I might not be so tired except that last night went like this:

5:30 p.m. Get home. Start dinner (Pizza casserole) and deal with a very whiny, very beside himself Nolan. Also: finish up laundry, cough up lung.

6:30 p.m. Eat dinner. Fight w/ Nolan to sit in his damn seat or leave the table. (Seriously, when does this end? The need to fricken test EVERY.SINGLE.RULE.WE.HAVE.) Bait the kids w/ chocolate pudding to actually eat some of their dinner.

6:50 p.m. Cough up another lung. Change a nasty diaper, give kids a bath/shower.

7:00 p.m. Get Seth dressed in jammies, assist Nolan in some toileting duties. Stifle a serious urge to vomit. Force him to wash his hands, attempt to brush his teeth and stifle the need to laugh... to laugh so very bad when he freaks out at the toothpaste... and begins waving his arms around and jumping up and down... like an angry naked sprite. I then finish getting him in his jammies.

7:00-7:30 p.m. Watch Caillou rather peacefully w/ kids.

7:30 p.m. - Upon announcing that it's bed time, Nolan (as per usual) get's a 2nd wind and begins ripping around the house, running laps and then announces that he needs to pee. He farts around and we get annoyed and he finally goes. I take some Nyquil and go to bed.

8:00 p.m. - I get up for whatever reason and Notice that the kids' bedroom door is open. I ask Aaron about it and he says that Nolan 'Needs to poop.' Awesome. Aaron finishes up w/ Nolan and I hear him tell the boys that they need to lay down and go to sleep, that it's nigh-night time and if he has to come back in, that Seth will have to go lay down in mommy and daddy's room. (This is something we have to do every so often ... as when they are without an audience they are much more likely to lay down and go to sleep... also, Nolan detests this and never wants this to happen.)

8:20ish p.m. - The boys are still up and screwing around, getting louder by the minute. Aaron goes in and takes Seth out. I bring Seth into bed w/ me, and Nolan proceeds to lose his shit. Seth lays down and I fall in and out of sleep under the effects of the Nyquil. I wake every time he talks to me.

8:50ish p.m. - Seth tells me "I brown poop mama." lovely. I call for Aaron and he takes Seth back to their room and finds Nolan sitting on the changing table w/ the bedroom light on. He sends Nolan back to bed and changes Seth's diaper. He puts them back to bed and closes the door. The screwing around continues, but does not seem (to me at least) as loud.

9:30 p.m. - I hear banging. Banging and laughing and I am so tired I wonder how THE HELL ARE THEY STILL AWAKE?! The next banging I hear sounds like it's their door. I call for Aaron and say "what the hell is that banging?" He goes into their room and I hear "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? WHY ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BEDS?" (BedS being the key word)... I get up and go to their room. They have pulled all of the drawers out of the 7 or 8 drawer caddy and emptied the contents onto the floor. The floor is littered w/ socks, underwear, bandaids, qtips.... you name it. And both boys ... yes BOTH boys were out of their cribs. AWESOMENESS. (Nolan is still in a crib, and will NOT be in a bed until he is in his own room... hopefully this summer (if we can get our butts in gear and get this place ready to get on the market))... but Seth has never climbed out of his crib. We got the kids back in bed, I told Aaron I would clean up the mess tommorrow (today) because it's going to take some sorting and such. And we finally got them to just lay down and GO.TO.SLEEP.

This morning they were absolute bears to deal w/. So tonight I forsee them beginning their nights sleeping apart. How we will accomplish that, I don't know.

update on the bite:

It looks tons better, still some slight bruising, but he is fine. I did put a call into our pediatrician's office and they said to keep washing it, and if it looks worse, come in. As for the daycare, I spoke w/ the teachers and they weren't sure why my cell wasn't called. Ultimately I didn't put up a big fuss. Realistically this is going to happen. Obviously if it happens again I will want him seperated from that child, but he wasn't bitten by a 6 year old or even a dog... he was bitten by another toddler, and I am not thrilled by it, but what can you do. I guess I am just glad it's not my kid that's the one that doing the biting.

Here are some pics from Aaron's Bday dinner earlier this month:

It's always fun to humiliate the birthday boy!

Don't know what Nolan was doing; maybe he had brain freeze?


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Seth was bitten at daycare today. Aaron called me on his way home to give me a heads up...



bitten 1

My poor bubby. Look how close that little fucker got to his eye! I am not happy about this, but not really sure there is anything I can do. It's never happened before, and this stuff happens at daycare all the time. But I'm still mad.

cupcake scarf
here is the cupcake scarf I recently finished. Pattern was from here: Jaybird - Designs

Uncle Aaron and Seanna say hello



*sigh* he is getting TOO BIG!


My blue eyed baby

gazing at his balloon

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Happy Friday

Friday the 13th... a good day! Today is a coworker's birthday here at work and she is a big fan of key lime cheesecake. I decided to make mini key lime cheesecakes and bring them in... After 3 hours in the kitchen I was left with 20 very sunken in crater-esque cupcakes w/ a graham cracker crust that was so crumbly it wasn't even a crust. Just a layer of graham cracker dust under the sunken in cheese mess. Oh and it was tart. Not just tart... pucker your butt cheeks tart. I decided to try and make an actual cheesecake instead of the mini ones... and used a different recipe. The end result was better, but the taste was bitter and not impressive. So into the sink it went.

And I stopped by Safeway and bought her a slice of strawberry cheesecake from the bakery and a box of cookies for the rest of us.

In other news, I was woken up 3 times by Mr. Nolan. My own sleep has been fractured at best lately, and his sleep issues have not been helping. I think he's getting a cold and possibly a digestive ailment, as he's been a bit out of sorts. He woke around 11:30 ... I didn't go in, as he just seemed to be talking in his sleep. At 12:30 he woke crying for water. I went in and obliged (we don't let him keep a sippy in his bed because he will drain and then need to either pee all night and wake us up or piss himself and wake us up. He rarely wakes for water). Then at 2:30 came an awesome cry... "Mama, I need to gooooo pooooooop!" He was oddly cheery and awake for that time of night, and pled his case to stay up and watch Caillou. I told him no, and he proceeded to shut the bathroom door in my face with a "don't yook at me." I stood in the hall and nodded off and then got cranky and said "HURRY.UP. MAMA.IS.TIRED." I got him cleaned up finally, and put to bed, and I collapsed back into bed myself.

I think I'll invest in a bottle of wine this weekend, and see if a glass before bed will help ease me back into sleepytime.

Also, I have recently discovered This American Life... oh my LORD I am in HEAVEN! I am loving this podcast!!!! I have also started listening to some of the old shows online for free at work. It is amusing, heartwarming, sad, and hilarious... how did I not know of David Sedaris? I just listened to the one on Music Lessons (check out their favorite shows on the site) and I sat at my desk just giggling.

I also love the host Ira Glass... I highly recommend checking this out.

Out to dinner for Daddy's Birthday at Red Robin!


See mom, look at dis picture I do for you!

My handsome birthday boy

The big Red Robin Plushy guy came out. I thought the kids would get a kick out of it.

I was wrong. This was the only shot I got of Nolan when the big plushy dude was out... he was trying to climb up me, and was absolutely TERRIFIED. Kept saying 'I wanna go home!' and then proclaimed it a monster. heh. Aaron and I were beyond amused by this.

Aaron's brother Dan and his daughter Seanna.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blatant Rip Off

I am going to copy my friend Tiburon and tell you about the classes that my little terrorists could teach at Tiburon's Lil' Terrorist Training Academy (btw, READ that link, she is HILARIOUS!)

While my two masters of terror could definitely help out in some of her courses, they could put on a few of their own. Such as:

* Restaurant Behavior "Etiquette Schmetiquette"

* 101 ways to bring down the value of your home.

* Why wiping your face/nose/hands on the couch/chair/carpet/mom's clothing/dad's clothing/your hair/ your mom's HAND etc. is not a crime.

* Shock and Awe: terrorizing the household pets

* How to get all of the water out of the bathtub without actually utilizing the drain.

* "I can't"... make it your motto now

* How to make 'no' a verb.

* Mastering the skill of tuning out your parents until the words chocolate, treat, bike, and Dora are mentioned.

* Poop is fascinating. Let's talk about it. And describe it. And 15 other ways to make your mom gag.

* Turn your dinner fare into wayward missiles

* Pushing Limits... learn it, love it, live it.

* Tantrums are the new black.

* Impossible or Impossibly Cute? How to blur the line.








Tuesday, March 10, 2009

His Heiness

I got home today and Nolan was wearing this awesomely cool hat:


I said "Hey buddy, I like your hat." He looked at me and said "I'm a princess!" heh. Turns out when they were leaving daycare today Nolan announced for all to hear that he was a princess, much to Aaron's chagrin.

I busted out the video camera and he gave me these two gems...

and my favorite:

I think my favorite part was how adamant he was that he is a PRINCESS.thankyouverymuch.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Today is my sweetie pie's *cough*thirty*cough*sev*cough*enth*cough* birthday.

To celebrate we are going to Red Robin for dinner and are going to play on our iphones while the kids terrorize the other customers. Awesome!


this pic is a few years old, but you get the idea. Imagine a bigger ball of flames in front of him...heh.

and because we are ten and these amuse us greatly... here ya go babe:

is mah birfday where r caek, dammit!?
more animals

iz mah birfday
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funny pictures of cats with captions
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