Saturday, January 24, 2009

Today in Bullet Points

Because I'm tired and too lazy to write it out paragraph style.

*Today started at 6 a.m. SIX.A.M.

*I was not happy about that and spent the first 2 hours in a total fog. Sitting on the couch, dozing and watching Friends while the kids played.

*Nolan had a very rough morning. Aggressive, irritable, and extremely difficult to please. Didn't want his cereal, but didn't want anything else either. Yelling at Seth all the time, refusing to help clean things up, getting into general mischief.

*Aaron got up at 8am to a very cranky wife. (I have already apologized.)

*I decided to take the boys up to the store with me, we got out the door and down to the car, and Nolan decided he wasn't going to listen. (this is after SEVERAL incidents of him not listening, disobeying and being generally a gigantic pain in the ass.) so I decided screw this, and took him back upstairs. I told him maybe next time if he made better choices he could come with me, but not today. He proceeded to freak the heck out and have a humongolous meltdown.

*Seth and I went to the store and got what we needed without incident. Hallelujah.

*We get home and Aaron and Nolan meet us downstairs. We needed to move the jeep over to his uncle's house. It took a while to get the jeep started; and the whole time, Nolan was screaming in hysterics in the car. He saw that I had bought Seth a new car, and wanted one. I explained that when we make poor choices, we don't get new cars. Maybe next time he could get one. Aaron mentions to me around this time that Nolan had been complaining of a stomach ache.

*We get the jeep started, and get going. I follow Aaron, and Seth falls asleep in the backseat. Nolan is still crying. it is about 11:15 or so.

*I notice about 10 minutes into the ride, that Nolan has fallen asleep. "Sweet" I think to myself. Not 10 seconds later he starts to whine and vomit all down the front of himself in the carseat. I think we are both so stunned at first that it's dead silent. We look at each other in the rear view mirror and his expression was "O.M.G.W.T.F" ... Luckily I had the presence of mind not to freak out, and I just said "It's ok buddy." He then notices the puke on his hands and is beyond pissed.

*I call Aaron and let him know what's going on; we are about 10 minutes from his uncle's house at that point. I continue to reassure Nolan that it's ok, he's ok... yadda yadda yadda and he is screaming "WIPE ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!! MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED A WIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*We finally get to Aaron's uncle's and I get out of the car and search the trunk in the hope of finding a bag and some paper towels or something. I find baby wipes and start to clean Nolan up... and quickly realize that this is not a quick job. He had ... vomit all down the front of himself, pooling in his carseat. I yell for Aaron and tell him we need to leave like NOW. He explains the situation to his uncle and we leave.

*Nolan cries/screams the whole way home... is pissed because we have the windows down and he's cold, but um... dude STANK.

*We get home and I get Nolan undressed outside; and get him into the bath. He's not exactly thrilled about taking a shower at this point, but is much calmer. I get him out of the bath and he starts freaking out again and I tell him to pull himself together, he needs to calm down and chill out. I walk out of the room to throw his vomit clothes in the wash and it's quiet and I hear seth say "yookit nowan.... yookit nowan..." (look at Nolan) I go back in the room and he's vomiting again. *sigh* I manage to catch most of it in a bath towel; by this time it was mostly stomach acid. I get him cleaned up again, and dressed in some new jammies and set him up on the couch while I get Seth lunch (yogurt and fruit... luckily it was a hit) and get started on the monstrous amount of laundry we've amassed in the past hour. (Aaron was outside at this time cleaning the car seat and removing the straps and cover for laundering.)

*Seth goes down for nap and Nolan starts to whine on the couch. Aaron was sitting with him and grabbed the paper sack, and Nolan vomited AGAIN.. and put most of it in the bag. THANKYAJESUS! He cries for some water and I let him have a little.

*For the next half hour or so he lays on the couch and watches Caillou. He is pale, not running a temp and not totally lethargic, but clearly under the weather. He drinks a bit of water, and then starts to cry again and this time projectile vomits water on me, on the blankets and on his pillow.

*I get him to sit on the floor and I strip the couch and cover it in new blankets and towels. I get him changed into another set of pj's and he takes residence again on the couch. It's now about 1:30pm.

*I laid down for a nap around 3, woke up at 5 or so with a start. Nolan was still laying on the couch; Aaron was hanging out with him and seth was still asleep. We got seth up and hung out for the next few hours.

*I went up to fred meyers around 7 to get some pedialyte because Nolan hadn't peed since before we left for Aaron's uncle's this morning. I also got him some saltines. Daddy and Seth had pizza for dinner... Nolan keeps asking for lunch, and I told him he could have some crackers if he tried to go pee. He tried and he did go; phew.

*It's 8pm, I'm still pushing water and pedialyte (he doesn't like the 'juice' ... I mixed it with some propel, but he still doesn't like it. But if he wants crackers he has to drink some.) and he has had 6 crackers so far. I give him 3 and then if he is ok for a half hour he can have 3 more. I just don't want to tempt fate.

*Aaron is going to sleep on the couch tonight, I am going to have Nolan sleep with me, so if there are any issues with vomiting/diarrhea etc I am there to help, and not sleeping through it. Wish me luck.

And how was YOUR Saturday? ;)

Ps. I went to court yesterday, they reduced my fine to 75 bucks. woo. I also wanted to note that I usually do wear my seatbelt, for whatever reason that day I didn't. We were in a rush to get to church, it was Nolan's first day of Sunday school and for some reason I didn't think to buckle up.

Thanks for your comments on the turbo tax vs. h&r block stuff too. I think we may attempt to use turbo tax ... if we can't handle it, we will definitely go to our tax lady.

Now, I must go do yet ANOTHER load of laundry. Here's to hoping tommorrow is better... and if anyone gets the bug, let it be me! (Mama's pants are tight right now.)

so happy to be outside!


sliding backwards


hi mom!

almost too big for his trike

bye bye seth

Why we call him bruiser

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