Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stuff and Junk and Things Like That.

We are watching old home videos that Aaron burned to a dvd right now. Nolan just over 2, and Seth was about 10 mos old. I have a hard time remembering them being that small. The boys get a kick out of watching them, as do I.

I have been meaning to post about the boys... about how Nolan thinks it's hilarious to pee on Seth in the bath. It's awesome. And Gross.

Also, as mean and bossy and whatever else Nolan can be to Seth, I think we must be doing something right. When we picked them up earlier this week, Nolan's teacher told us that Nolan is a good big brother. I guess Seth had fallen, and Nolan saw it and though he didn't get off of his bike, he dragged his bike through the bark up to where Seth was to see if he was ok.

Last night we had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. I asked Nolan if he wanted to come to the store with me and he was adamant that I bring both he and Seth with me. He kept saying "I want to bring bofe of dem." and gesturing to himself and Seth at the same time.

Then tonight Aaron was disciplining Seth and Seth being 2 and headstrong and newly independent, decided that that shit was for the birds and started screaming and crying. Nolan watched and then yelled at Aaron "No! Be nice to my Sethy!!!!"

It really is nice to see that he is protective and caring... for so long we've been running interference on Seth's behalf, and while I suspect we will be for a while still, it's nice to see that brotherly love too.

little rocket rider

push push push

hat hair
hat hair

Nolan's dinner company
He eats with an entourage.

Seth's dinner company
So does seth


fake smile

He can't contain himself

I love that face

Big Boy Smile

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