Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let's Recap

I went home last night and basically crashed. Within 2 hours Aaron went from feeling fine to vomiting and feeling not so fine. He is home sick today; existing from the couch. I took the boys to daycare and came in; I feel better, but am EXHAUSTED. And weak. And in the past half hour or so my tummy started gurgling.


Add to that a cranky 3 year old who was hell freaking bent on making his brother cry REPEATEDLY this morning, and fighting me tooth and nail on every thing whether it be how much milk I poured in his cereal, to whether or not I pulled his socks up far enough, how he didn't WANT daddy to help him go pee, and how he didn't WANT medicine on his chin, and how he didn't WANT to go see his friends, and how my choice of shirts wasn't up to snuff, then he refused to help me get his underwear on, and then he refused to get his pants on, and the freak out about wearing his hat... to me wrestling a 2 year old into his car seat and barking "THIS IS NOT OK, I DO NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT." and having that same 2 year old look up at me with a bewildered expressions and say "sowwy"... and it's been a hell of a morning.

Let's not forget that after I got Nolan in his seat, loosened his straps a bit as he was having a freak out about how tight they were "too tight! too tight!!" and then I tried to get the godforsaken stereo out of it's plastic case...but it wasn't budging and any and all patience I had was gone. Nolan started taunting Seth with a toy he had and Seth started to cry and argue back and basically I was ready to kill, and he started bitching about how he wanted a red poptart and not a blue poptart (like he could tell; the organic ones all look THE SAME)... and I lost it. I screamed that I have had it with this shit and if he didn't shut his mouth then I was going to throw away his poptart. He immediately piped up with "You don't say shit, that's a bad word." I replied with a loud "I am your MOTHER, I can say WHATEVER I WANT. NOW SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND EAT YOUR POPTART PLEASE."

Thankfully, it was fairly quiet after that. No wonder I am exhausted.

we playin' cars mom.



they would do this all day and night


watching caillou
watching Caillou

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