Thursday, January 01, 2009


Happy New Year! We spent our new year's even hanging out at my sister's house. The kids had a ball pushing cars up and down the hallway, in and out of the kitchen, round and round they went. We had a few issues of them crashing into each other, but we were impressed that they were getting along so well.

We thought more people were going to show up, and of course made/bought too much food. Oh well, better too much than not enough. I made a 7 layer dip... a twist on the usual one due to likes/dislikes. from the bottom up it went: refried beans, grated cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce, avocado, green onions and jalopenos. And diced tomatoes on the side, as well as pico de gallo on the side. It was a big hit. I also made a bread dip and bought some baguettes that I sliced up. My sister made pigs in a blanket-another hit, even Nolan ate them! And she made two different kinds of cookies... and she bought a bunch of pastries/cinnamon rolls for breakfast. But it ended up just being our little families so there was a ton of stuff left over. No matter, it'll eventually get eaten ;)

Nolan is in his room right now having an epic meltdown... screaming hysterics because we've taken away the binky. I know... I know... he's 3.5 he shouldn't still have one. That's precisely why it's been taken away. To say he's upset is an understatement. He napped for about an hour and a half... maybe a bit more, not until he'd cried himself to sleep. And now he's just pissed. He only gets the binky (he calls it a mimi)when he goes to sleep... and now, not so much. He got a new bedtime bear care bear in return for giving all of his binkies to the babies. (What babies... not sure, but I had mentioned it, and he seemed to like that idea, so there you have it.

Now of course he wants the babies to give his mimis back, and RIGHT. NOW. Hopefully this will pass in a day or two. It's gonna be a looong weekend.

The fabulous chocolate chip cookies we stuffed ourselves with while we were snowed in. The recipe is from They are TO DIE FOR.

The chocolate crinkle cookie dough chillin' in the fridge.

Eggnog bread from: I omitted the pudding and upped the eggnog. I also didn't drizzle anything over it. It was very good!

Sethy is so sweet. He stuffs his lovey (william) into whatever car he's pushing around ad takes him for a ride, and always makes sure his head is up and not just stuffed in there. What a sweetie boy.

These are a few of my favorite things.... exhibit number 10, 000 that I am turning into my mother, I am beginning to collect salt and pepper shakers! I haven't gone and totally started collecting all kinds, but supercute holiday ones for sure.

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