Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tour of our Tree

Some of our favorite ornaments...

My Great Grandma Made This
a handmade beaded ornament that my great grandma made. One of the few left after our storage unit was raided and most of our ornaments were stolen.

Nolans special 2008 ornament
Nolan's special ornament for this year.

Replacement NY Bulb
the I love NY bulb that my parents got for us last year, whe someone who shall remain nameless (NOLAN.) broke the one we bought on our honeymoon. This one is even bigger than that one.

Seths special 2008 ornament
Seth's special ornament for this year.

Wedding ornament
An ornament from our first Christmas as a married couple.

Nolans first Christmas ornament
Nolan's first Christmas Ornament

Seths first Christmas ornament
Seth's first Christmas Ornament

Adorable snowman ornament
A cute little snowman I got from Target a few years back.

My first Christmas ornament
My first Christmas ornament... the original one was stolen in the storage theft, but my sister spotted this at the daycare we worked at and surprised me with it.

Honeymoon ornament
the ornament we bought in Jamaica on our honeymoon

A gift when I was pregnant with Nolan
I believe my sissy got this for me when I was pregnant with Nolan

A gift from Ashley
this was a gift from my friend Ashley

Snowman skating couple
Cute little snowmen ice skating couple

One of my favorites
One of my favorites, a plastic ballerina (one of a set of two) I bought at Joann's last year.

New penguin guy
Our newest addition, a regal little penguin I got at Target today. I love him!

Beaner Weaner
and just because, a pic of beanie weanie who is curled up next to me.

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