Monday, December 22, 2008


So even if I wanted to go in today I wouldn't have made it. We have easily over 8" of standing snow on our road and when I decided to try and go to Fred Meyers a few minutes ago, I almost made it up the short hill that leads to the road, and then promptly got stuck. I managed to get the car turned around and was going to take an alternate route, and got stuck again.


My chains broke completely off (they were old, and definitely paid their dues)... 4 kind samaritans tried to help me, and at least got me pushed to where I wasn't blocking the road... Aaron is out there now trying to figure out what to do.

The boys and I are watching Dora and my jeans are drying... I was wearing some regular shoes, as I can't find my boots (but guess what I'll be looking for this afternoon when the boys nap?) and my jeans were soaked up to mid calf snow.


I think I'll go bake some more.

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